10 Of The Best Baby Cinema Venues In London

There are many unexpected joys of having a baby.

Often overlooked is the joy of reclaiming your former night-time cinema date habits (remember those?) by taking your baby to the latest screenings.

Best of all, they on in the blessed DAYTIME. You get to sashay across London, taking in all of the cinemas across town.

Your small baby date is happy to see whatever you choose to see, and at such a tender baby age, they don’t mind an adult theme.

Plus, babies are free to get in and don’t require post-movie chitchat or dinner afterwards. Well, not of the solid kind.

No matter if they wail, burn, spill milk, poo or fall asleep during the screening because it goes with the baby-friendly territory. 

Everyone expects some kicking off throughout the film – it could be either of you, and no one would be any the wiser. 

Some cinemas have subtitles so you can hear over the cacophony of crying and most will have baby changing facilities. There will probably be flat whites and a well-deserved almond croissant lurking near the box office.

Catch up with the latest releases – whether you fancy the new Star Wars movie or feel like crying along to Little Women at some of the best cinemas around, here’s our roundup of the rich mix of mother and baby cinemas in London.

Who said being a parent wasn’t fun?

1. Barbican Baby Cinema

My baby and I sat through over three hours of Martin Scorsese’s’ mafia masterpiece The Italian at this very cinema.

He was cool with it, though I found it a little wearying and my boobs ran dry.

But the cinema, deep in the bowels of the Barbican and surrounded by places to grab great baby friendly cafes, the galleries, theatre, the outdoor space overlooking the water…all make for an excellent baby-friendly cinema outing.

Running weekly film screenings for babies 12 months and under every Monday and Saturday at 11:15 am, the cinema runs the sound a little lower and the lights a little higher so you can work out if it is your baby squawking or not.

2. Rio Cinema Baby Club

The Rio Cinema runs a Parent & Baby Club which, in addition to the latest film offerings, comes complete with Parent & Baby special deals on hot drinks and vegan treats.

Screenings are every Thursday morning at 11:30 am and parents are encouraged to turn up early to get themselves and baby settled.

Tickets are priced normally but reduced prices are offered to supporters of Young Mum’s Supporter Network. 

3. Everyman Cinema, Various Locations

Our local Everyman Cinema is in Maida Vale, with a lovely little cafe selling excellent cocktails and burgers, delightfully quirky, comfy couches, and chipper staff.

The Baby Club shows new releases and, for the price of a ticket, offers a hot drink and a slice of cake. Seating is unallocated so get there early for the softest settees.

There are Everyman Cinemas located throughout London, so it’s worth searching out your own local theatre.

4. Big Scream – Picturehouse Cinemas

The Big Scream events at Picturehouse Cinemas are aimed at screenings for babies under one year.

There are 26 Picturehouse Cinemas scattered around different neighbourhoods in the UK, including the London-based theatres in Bromley, Crouch End, East Dulwich, Fulham, Hackney, Greenwich, Notting Hill, Stratford and Clapham.

After your baby reaches 12 months, you can still bring him or her along to Toddler Time – movie screenings for preschool children (£3.00 per child) and their adults, who can come along at no cost.

The coffee is great here too.

5. Electric Cinema

Surely the granddaddy of baby cinema located smack bang in the middle of Portobello Road, The Electric Scream! screenings take place at 11 am every Monday.

Refreshingly, there’s enough space in this grand old theatre to enable you to bring your buggy inside.

There’s the attached restaurant out the front, an in-cinema bar serving coffee, great loo facilities out the back while the market outside is in full swing.

Definitely one to meet your latte-swigging friends and their babies at. 

6. Baby & Carers Screening, Lexi Cinema

On Mondays at 11 am you’ll find baby-friendly screenings for carers and parents at this independent boutique digital cinema, also the UK’s first social enterprise cinema, doncha know?

The Lexi donates all its profits to charity and is mostly staffed by volunteers. It’s a Kensal Rise gem.

7. Olympic Cinemas

Barnes’ Olympic Cinema runs a Babes In Arms screening for babies, well, in arms, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11 am.

It’s a plush affair, with wall to wall carpet and wool felt sofas, custom made individual brass tables and love seats for those with a penchant for a mid-morning snuggle.

8. Baby Cinema, Wimbledon

Odeon Newbies is the offering at baby-central Wimbledon for parents and babies who enjoy a bit of cinematic release. Soft lighting, lowered volume, and the usual big cinema perks guaranteed.

9. Baby Cinema, Bluewater

Every Thursday at 10 am at Bluewater, Showcase Cinema offers a baby and parent screening for a decent £6.

There’s a buggy park, lowered volume, soft lighting and free movement during the screening, with a spot of shopping for afters.

10. Curzon Cinema Baby Screenings

New for 2020, the Curzon group of very stylish cinemas have opened their theatres to babies and their carers on Tuesdays at 11 am.

Tickets are £10.50 and include a hot drink and a slice of the all-important cake.

Where is your favourite place to go for some baby cinema in London?


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