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10 Of The Best Baby Massage Classes In London

Parenting can be tough and we’re always looking for ways to spend quality time with our babies.

Baby massage is a lovely way to enjoy bonding time with your little one, while also learning some techniques that may help to calm them down at sleep times.

What Is Baby Massage And What Are The Benefits?

It is thought that baby massage was initially introduced to neonatal wards to help premature babies with their development.

It is now generally seen as a wonderful, positive way for new parents to bond with their baby.

Touch is first introduced between mother and baby during pregnancy, so this is a great way to continue that special connection.

When deciding on a good time to start baby massage classes, there is no apparent minimum age to start so you could begin by getting your baby used to it at home before committing to a full class.

If you have any concerns then you can always consult your midwife or health visitor, otherwise, baby massage is a safe, and relaxing activity to do – just go with when it feels right to try for you and your little one.

10 Of The Baby Massage Classes In London

When you feel ready to start a class the next decision is which one to go to?

In London especially there are a plethora of classes to choose from! We want to take the stress out of choosing, so we’ve put together this roundup of the best baby massage classes in London.

1. NCT

Did you know NCT offers Baby Massage courses across London? 

Baby massage classes at National Childbirth Trust

Its website has a wealth of information about the benefits of baby massage and some small steps to take at home to get your baby used to it before you take a structured class.

The cost of the course is based on the location and the number of hours it runs for, discounts can be made for lower income families – enquire via the NCT website.

2. Your local SureStart Centre

Your midwife will usually advise you to join the list at your local SureStart centre so that you and your newborn will be informed of any new classes or fun groups to join.

This is a lovely way to meet fellow mums or parents in your area and try some of the regular classes on offer throughout the year.

Many SureStart Centres offer a Baby Massage class; prices vary but courses are often fully or partially funded.

To find out more please enquire with your local centre.

3. Excellence Physiotherapy

Try lessons designed to show new parents how to safely massage their baby.

The sessions are split between four classes, during which you will learn the correct way to perform massage and the basics of baby anatomy.

Classes are available at their practices in Belgravia, Westminster and Clapham but they also offer home visits.

An initial Baby Massage appointment costs £65 for 45 minutes.

4. Milestones

This lovely class offers a number of different options, with groups in Islington, Kensal Rise and West Hampstead.

They also offer at home classes, private groups and Daddy only groups.

They sell wonderful gifting options, so you can gift the experience in a number of ways to other expectant parents or even ask for it as a gift for yourself.

A 6 week course costs £50.

5. Baby Glo London

Emily offers a range of services to new parents such as sleep and routine consultancy and mother’s help but she is also a qualified Baby Yoga and Baby Massage Instructor with accreditation from The Royal College of Midwives.

Classes are very much focussed on the physical and mental benefits of massage for babies and can be offered over a five week period in various locations across London as well as at home.

She also offers private parties and Daddy only time. Get in contact for pricing information.

6. Alma Kids

This class is based on the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and is held in their warm and welcoming yoga barn.

Using homemade aromas the class will share techniques on helping with colic, wind, sleeping and teething and is geared more to massage as a medicinal aid.

You will also look at different oils and their effects on your baby’s body. Classes available at their location in Belgravia, for around £30.

7. Hush Baby No Rush

Hush Baby provide IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) accredited massage classes, they say they offer ‘soothing sessions in a modern and zen environment.’

They also provide mats and practice dolls as well as a choice of oils, handouts and a certificate upon completion to show the massage training you’ve undertaken.

Classes are held across multiple locations such as Bethnal Green, Old Street, Bow and Greenwich as well as at home sessions.

They offer a follow-on class for those that complete the baby massage sessions and wish to carry on with something else.

Prices start at £65 for five sessions (gift vouchers also available).

8. 3 House Club

There are lots of exciting classes going on at this family club and they offer a lovely combined class of baby massage and baby yoga for babies aged 4 weeks to 6 months.

Within the class they provide a lovely mix of baby massage which focuses on different strokes each week and baby yoga which includes gentle stretching, strengthening exercises and breathing for your baby. 

Available at their location in St John’s Wood, London (NW8).

Drop in classes are £12.90 each or a 10 week block of flexible classes is £95.

9.  Small Matters

In this class you will learn a specific massage stroke each week, focussing on one area of the body, for example legs, tummy, chest, arms and hands as well as head and face and finally back.

Classes take place at Huggle, on Winchester Road (NW3) and cost £75 for a block of 5 sessions.

10.  SundaraMama

This course promises to teach you why positive touch with your baby is so beneficial to them and for yourself. 

They say that your baby will be ‘soothed and relieved from common complaints such as colds, colic, congestion, constipation etc’ but they also specify the bond it will give you with your baby.

It is a semi-private class with a maximum of six parents only.

Each session is 90 minutes long which allows for massage as well as tea and chat with fellow parents.

Hosted at their private garden studio in Twickenham (TW2) it is great for those living outside the city.

Baby massage is certainly a positive way to spend time with your little one and can help you bond and recover from birth.

It’s something mums, dads and guardians can get involved in to help your baby feel loved and safe.

I hope you have found this list informative and are able to find a suitable baby massage venue in London.

Should you decide to attend a baby massage class, please share your experience with us in the comments; we’d love to hear it.


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