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The Best Organic Skincare Products for Tweens and Teens

Puberty is full of changes, and those young bodies are evolving so rapidly, tweens and teens have days where they hardly recognise their emotions or their bodies.

Adding insult to injury, their skin erupts with pimples, blackheads, and dry spots, and many of the teenage beauty products seem more focused on packaging than what’s inside.

Products that promise to clear up pimples overcorrect and dry out the skin leaving flaky patches where those pimples once were.

Blackhead extractors leave red puffy skin around the empty pores, while moisturisers can leave teens with slick oily patches.

organic skincare for teens

With each new teenage beauty product creating a new problem, it’s no wonder they’re so moody!

Teens and tweens have some seriously sensitive skin.

While it’s tempting to grab the products with the biggest names and the boldest claims, cutting back on all of the extra ingredients seems to gently nudge their skin to a new normal.

We are creating a new list of organic skincare products for teens including beauty products that are full of natural ingredients, not new beauty mistakes. 

In our search for the best organic skincare products for teens of all skin types, we have put together our go-to brands, each offering options for all sorts of skin troubles.  

Acure Beauty

Acure organic skincare for teens

Acure may be setting our new standard for teenage beauty products, offering 100% vegan and certified cruelty-free formulas.

Additionally, Acure is also paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, and formaldehyde-free.

We didn’t even know we needed to avoid so many things!  

Truly, we are loving their simple and clear packaging, their totally reasonable prices, and their options regardless of how our teen’s skin is reacting this week.

Some of our favourites are their Brightening Face Scrub, which manages to exfoliate without damaging sensitive skin, and their Incredibly Clear Acne Spot, for a quick treatment of emerging pimples.

If you’re interested in upgrading your tween’s whole routine, their Cedarwood and Mint Deodorant is aluminium-free and smells amazing.  

Nourish London

Nourish London

Offering “scientifically-crafted, highly-effective, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients from nature”, Nourish London is all about using their products to train skin into balancing itself.

With a stack of rewards for clean beauty bolstering their claims, Nourish London has a range of products for every skin issue.  

Teens will love their Kale 3D Cleanse, which changes colour as it cleanses and detoxifies. 

Other teenage beauty favourites include the Balance Toning Mist, which closes pores and balances the skin’s PH level.

The range promises to balance skin without overstimulating, and right now, any balance for our teens and tweens is welcome.



Don’t be fooled by its humble title; Cowshed’s origin story belies its pedigree.

Nick Jones, the founder of the Soho House, created the original Cowshed Spa at Babington House as a retreat within a retreat.

Soon he had products developed specifically for the spa using the Victorian walled garden on the grounds.  

While not specifically targeting teens, Cowshed’s products should make every teenage beauty list.

The Gentle Face Wash manages to deep clean without leaving skin feeling tight and dry, while the Multitask Kahai Wonder Balm can be used as a makeup remover, a body butter, or an intense overnight hair conditioner.  

Sand and Sky

Sand and Sky

Sand and Sky manages to infuse their skincare products with their distinct Aussie vibe. 

Focusing on simple routines and clean formulas, this line of teenage beauty products seems to speak to all of us who are sick of being told we need to perform ten different steps every night to wake up blemish-free.

Sand and Sky made a name for themselves with their Pink Clay Porerefining Face Mask, which has won beauty awards worldwide.

However, our teens have been loving the Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops, which seem to lift the dullness from their skin while evening out texture and fading acne scars.


Kopari organic skincare

Kopari meets the goal of supplying natural, organic teenage beauty products, and then exceeds it by sourcing those products from small family farms in the Philippines.

Each Kopari product begins with a coconut base, making soothing and natural synonymous with the brand. 

Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil manages to cleanse and moisturize at once, leaving skin balanced and fresh, while the Coconut Rose Toner balances skin’s ph while fighting acne-causing bacteria and reducing redness and irritation.

Kopari’s products made our teens’ skin feel amazing, and we felt great about their business practices.  

Skin and Tonic

Skin and Tonic skincare

Skin and Tonic began with an intention to get all of the irritants out of conventional skincare.

Their final products are fresh, gentle, pared-back and effective, with the added bonus of being free from endocrine disruptors, a factor frequently overlooked in teenage beauty products.

We love Skin and Tonic’s simple packaging and glorious scents.  

One of our go-to’s is their Steam Clean, it melts away makeup and grime, leaving skin glowing.

Our other favourite is their Naked Beauty Oil. Packed with vitamins A, C and E as well as Omegas 3 and 6, this oil healed the most irritated skin.

808 Dude

808 Dude Skincare

It can feel like all teenage beauty products have one audience: girls, and of the products geared towards boys, organic is hardly ever offered.

We were thrilled to find the Aussie brand 808 Dude, with clean ingredients, simple products, and formulas geared specifically for the hormonal shifts boys experience.  

808 Dude’s target audience doesn’t want to agonize over whether their skin is oily or combination, so their face wash doesn’t mince words.

Our boys are digging the Zit-free Face Wash for Teens, and in keeping with the simple theme, the Shampoo and Body Wash makes a head-to-toe clean as basic as possible.

Boy mums are also raving about their No More Stinky Pits deodorant, which seems to keep its lovely woodsy scent all day long.

True magic if we’ve ever seen (smelled) it!


FineVine organic skincare

It would be a shame to spend all of our skin-clearing focus on faces when teens have to suffer through similar skin problems on their bodies as well.

FineVine body wash seems to solve an array of skin issues affecting tweens and teens in one product. 

Using 100% natural, organic tea tree oil, FineVine’s body wash not only targets bacne, but also Body Odor, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch, Acne, Toenail & Nail Fungus, and other skin irritations.  

While our crew of teens loved that the smell of their Body Wash was light and refreshing, they were also hooked on how it didn’t try out their skin, even while it eliminated odour and acne-causing bacteria.

We are also loving their Super Balm for cracked skin and eczema.

Carina Organics Daily Face Wash

A completely natural and organic face wash that gets rid of makeup and unwanted oils, it’s best suited to ‘normal’ skin types.

Pure Ananda Chamomile & Willow Bark Purify Toner

Pure Ananda Chamomile & Willow Bark Purify Toner

Follow up use of the above with this toner which uses which hazel to minimise pores and willow bark extract to purify. It’s a spray bottle but we prefer to apply with a reusable pad.

Marley’s Monsters Facial Rounds

Say goodbye to wasteful cotton pads and start using these reusable 100% organic cotton facial rounds. Use like a cotton pad and throw in the washing machine when you’re done.

Marley's Monsters Facial Rounds

You get 20 in a pack so there’s enough for some in the washing basket, some drying and some ready for use.

What are your favourite organic skincare products for teens?


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