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Easy PTA Fundraising Ideas To Support Your School

With these genius PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) fundraising ideas, you’ll be able to raise more money than ever before in no time at all.

There are so many wonderful things the PTA does for your child’s school. But everything costs money. And who has time for complicated fundraisers that no one wants to join?

Check out this list! These are the most current and fun ideas for PTA fundraisers. People will actually enjoy supporting your school and it won’t feel like a chore.

Best PTA Fundraising Ideas UK

Break out of the monotony of bake sales and concession stands. These are some fresh PTA ideas for fundraising that will get everyone excited!

I get it. One of the most difficult things about setting up a PTA fundraiser is trying to rally volunteers. But with these school fundraising ideas, everyone will actually enjoy signing up.

Whether your child attends a small school or a really large one, check out these ideas and find one that works for you.

PTA Family Event Ideas

Family events where you charge for admission is one of the best ways to raise money for the parent-teacher association. But the key is to make them such fun events that everyone will want to go to, without it costing a ton of money.

  • Carnival – These are always a huge hit! Spend as much or as little as you want. You can rent entire rides or even just a few bouncy castles and entertainers. Charge a fee per ticket to get in or charge per event/ride.
  • Birthday Party – Host a school-wide birthday party. Sell tickets to the event. Ask local businesses to donate birthday gifts that can be raffled off and serve birthday cake.
  • Talent Show – Charge entrance fee and tickets to the event. Allow teachers and families to all enter as acts.
  • Family Field Trips – Work with local museums and see if you can get a lower price to have a family field trip. Charge a flat price per ticket.
  • Family Game Show Night – Make an entrance fee per family that competes.

PTA Fundraising Ideas to Get Parents Involved

Beyond raising money for the school, PTA fundraising events can also get parents more involved in the school. Anything we can do to help teachers and parents interact more is better for the kids.

These PTA event ideas will bring parents and teachers together.

  • Service Day – Gather everyone together to clean up the playground or repaint a hallway.
  • Parent University – Let parents enrol in classes to learn about social media safety or teach them what’s going on at the school.
  • Discovery Nights – Gather families and teachers together for educational-themed game nights. For example, you could set up a STEM-themed game night.

PTA Christmas Fair Ideas

Christmas is a great time to do fundraisers, especially if you can give people gifts they already need.

Try one of these PTFA fundraising ideas right in about November, before people begin the mad-rush for Christmas presents.

  • Silent Auction – Ask local businesses to donate items to the auction. This is fantastic exposure for local business owners.
  • Homemade Christmas Ornaments Craft Night – Sell tickets and set up stations where people can gather and make their own Christmas ornaments. These make wonderful gifts!
  • Craft Fair – Ask local artisans to buy booth space and let people do their Christmas shopping at the fair.
  • Christmas Cookie Night – This is just like a bake sale, but holiday-themed.
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PTA Christmas fundraising ideas are so much fun. To think of original ideas, ask your group what they love to do every holiday. Then, think of ways you can either charge a price per ticket or make things you can sell.

PTA Fundraising Ideas for Small Schools

Don’t feel like just because your child goes to a small school you have less of a chance to do some really fun events. There are still ways you can rally the community together behind your school.

These are the best PTA fundraising ideas for small schools:

  • School Spirit Night at a Local Restaurant – This is a wonderful idea for any-sized school. Anyone that eats at the restaurant and mentions your school that night secures a donation to your school from the restaurant.
  • Home or Garden Tour – Giving open house tours of local homes or gardens is a wonderful way to raise money for small schools.
  • Food Themed Cookoff – Charge a small entrance fee and let school staff taste and choose the winners.
  • Movie Night – Movie nights at the school rally everyone together and are inexpensive to put together.
  • Wine and Paint Night – Wine and paint nights are best for smaller schools. Ask people to bring their own drinks. Maybe ask the art teacher to lead everyone in a painting.

PTA Online Fundraising

Another thing you can try is to do all your fundraising online. Sure, you can do something as simple as GoFundMe. But if you make it fun and creative, people will be more likely to join in.

Try one of these school PTA fundraising ideas online:

  • Matching Gift Drives – You can set up a page on your school’s website or even their social media account. Work with local businesses to match PTA donations and watch the money roll in!
  • Crowdfunding – Some crowdfunding sites let you give out rewards for different sizes of donations. Others let people share words of encouragement on the crowdfunding page. These are very popular because of how easy they are.
  • Use Amazon Smile – When people shop through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of the sales to the organization.

PTA Fundraising Ideas Middle School

When you are trying to raise money for a middle school (Junior School in the UK) school PTA, you can begin working with older kids to help you out.

The challenge is to sell things their friends will want. Middle schoolers are pickier and have quite an outspoken opinion.

A few PTO fundraising ideas for middle school include:

  • Race/Obstacle Course Event – Set up an obstacle course or a fun run. Middle schoolers love competing against each other.
  • Guess the Jellybeans – Set out a jar of jellybeans and sell guesses for a small donation. You can give the jelly beans as the prize or make the prize even bigger.
  • Pancake breakfast – Picnics, breakfasts, times to get together and eat are always popular fundraising ideas.

Elementary School PTA Fundraisers

When children are smaller (ie infant school), the ways to raise money can be a lot more fun. Parents and grandparents adore buying anything their kids make so utilize that! Here are a few really easy ideas:

  • Art show night – Let the children create their own works of art. Then, charge an admittance fee to see them.
  • School sleepovers – You can either do them all night or just late into the night and send children home. But having a party in the school is really fun for kids!
  • Rock Paper Scissors Tournament – Charge a small fee for everyone that wants to play. Set up a prize for the ultimate champion. To make it last longer, choose the winner that wins the best 2 out of 3.
  • Treasure Hunt – Let people buy the entrance to the hunt as teams. To make it more fun, hide different prizes in different places and create different maps.
  • Straw Draw Fundraiser – attach a different perk to each straw. For example, “get out of homework free card.” Kids pay 50 pence for each straw.
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Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for PTAs at preschools (nursery reception age in the UK) is actually quite simple. Children at this age are so adorable that grandparents would love their artwork.

  • Parent’s Night Out – Offer babysitting in exchange for a donation on a set day.
  • Pyjama Day – Give lots of advance notice to the parents. Every child that pays the fee is allowed to wear PJs to school for the day.
  • Cupcake Decorating Event – Preschoolers will love the idea of decorating cookies and cupcakes together.
  • Flower sale – Let the preschoolers create their own bouquets and sell them or sell individual flowers.

What Does PTA Raise Money For?

The PTA does so much for the school and teachers and all of it costs money. Whenever there is anything a teacher or school needs that isn’t in the regular budget, the PTA steps in.

This can include:

  • Classroom furniture
  • Extra gifts for teacher appreciation
  • New playground equipment
  • Upgraded technology

Great PTA Ideas

Schools and teachers really appreciate it when funds from PTOs and PTAs give them much-needed equipment. Some of the best things your organization can fund are things that will help the children.

PTA activity ideas that make the teacher’s jobs easier and give your children a better school are always welcome.

PTA Projects

Always be careful and work closely with the school to make sure your PTA isn’t buying them things they should be paying for.

Proper PTA projects will upgrade things that aren’t working. Replacing unsafe playground equipment, for example, is a great way to use those funds.

Other PTA projects include funding educational field trips the school might not be able to afford and paying for after-school clubs.

PTA Fundraising Companies

Finally, there are lots of fundraising companies in the UK that are happy to give your group a portion of the proceeds when you sell their products.

Some of the most popular companies are:

PTA Fundraising Can Be Fun

When you get together with your PTA, raising money can be a blast. I hope these ideas helped give you some direction. Be creative and make them your own.

pta fundraising ideas

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