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30 Of The Best Gifts for Teens (That They’ll Actually Like)

What are the best gifts for teens in our tricky techy new age?

Digital natives with an eco-conscience, the kids are harder to buy gifts for now than they’ve ever been.

But we’ve been working on the best gifts for teens: from skincare to dog food cookbooks, literary prints to iPhone printers, our gift guide for teenagers has it (and all budgets) covered.

We’ve got suggestions from parents of teens and asked our resident teen to put together suggestions of what’s hot when you’re in secondary school:

1. DAFNI hair straightening brush – £120

If your daughter is new to the hair straightening game you don’t want to fry her tender locks with poker hot styling tools.

The Dafni brush styling surface allows for larger sections of hair to be styled in one stroke, significantly reducing styling time.

DAFNI hair straightening brush

The brush is kept at a consistent 185 degrees; just hot enough to gently straighten.

We still recommend a heat protector – we like Tresseme Heat Defence Spray for an added gift for teenagers.

2. 31st State, from £5.99

Teenage boys don’t have much choice when it comes to skincare – they need something effective but still gentle for young and tender skin.

31st state skincare gift for teens

31st State is the only vegan and natural grooming range developed specifically for teens.

It was created by a mum of teen boys who wanted something that would help clear up their skin and make them smell better without the awful chemicals found in most men’s grooming products.

The range is inspired by California where clean living is pretty much a way of life.

Teen girls will probably like it too.

3. Antwerp Avenue Phone Cases – from £25

Everything has a slogan on it now and according to my teen, parents may have tired of it, but kids have not.

Antwerp avenue phone case

She loved this ‘Rise + Grind’ case from Belgian accessories brand Antwerp Avenue– hopefully it’ll inspire her to get out of bed earlier!

4. Lookfantastic Beauty Box – from £13 a month

The Look Fantastic beauty box is a monthly box that is guaranteed to be worth over £50, contains six products, an educational beauty box magazine plus an ELLE magazine each month.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

A great gift for teenagers, prices start from £13.00 a month for a 12-month subscription, to £15.00 for a one-off box, making it good value for money and a nice way for teenagers who are interested in beauty to try new products at an affordable price.

The addition of a magazine with its real-world, old school scrolling capacity might just get your kids hooked on actual print – which can only be a good thing.

5. History Heroes: London + Inventors – £19.99

The London box is a great, almost “Best of British” game about the people who made and shaped London, from Boudicca to Kingdom Brunel to Bowie.

It has big names like Shakespeare, Dickens, Guy Fawkes, Cromwell that they might recognise (we hope) but also cool ones like Vivienne Westwood and Mo Farah.

History Heroes: London + Inventors

The inventors’ box has a broad range of characters; from obvious ones like Henry Ford, Edison, Ada Lovelace, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Wright Brothers to fun ones like Levi Strauss, the Earl of Sandwich and Mary Phelps Jacob (the inventor of the modern bra, don’cha know?).

There will be characters they don’t know but should – like Marconi, Graham Bell, Morse and John Logie Baird – but, in any case, they’re all extremely interesting and relatable to our daily lives and will be very handy in future pub quiz rounds.

6. Sleep’n Sound Pillow – £19.99

The Sleep’n Sound pillow is not your average bedroom accessory.

It has a small undetectable speaker concealed within so your teen can unwind to their favourite music, immerse themselves in a gripping podcast, get sharp with a mindfulness app or even learn a new language – all from the comfort of their (second home) bed.

Made in the UK, the Sleep’n Sound pillow is filled with soft, cosy hollow fibre and finished with a smooth microfibre cover.

The stylish Sleep’n Sound reusable carry bag makes the pillow portable, meaning they can take it to sleepovers or on long journeys.

A perfect gift for teenagers, sleepy or otherwise.

7. Tote Bags from the National Gallery Shop – from £5.00

Got a budding art critic for a kid? Know a teen who sometimes needs to lug stuff around?

Still failing to ban plastic in any meaningful way?

Try gifting your teen a tote bag from the National Gallery’s excellently curated shop.

There’s a range of prints from old masters, and the options change according to the latest exhibits.

Your kid can look knowledgeably arty while saving the planet, one carrier bag at a time.

8. Jim + Henry Haircare – from £12.00

If your kid has a head of curly hair, afro or otherwise, you’ll have figured out the need for high-quality leave-in conditioners.

Even better if the said leave-in conditioner has been crafted by cool curly-haired twin girls from Birmingham who know intimately the highs and lows of dealing with it.

The first product, Eight, is famous for having only eight ingredients, with three more products Five, Nine and Ten following soon after.

The brand is big on natural hair and its website is full of videos, advice and events which aim to teach teens how to best care for big beautiful hair.

A strong contender for “Best Gifts for Teenagers” right here.

9. Green People Grooming Ritual Set – £15.00

For teen boys who have begun to sprout from the face, Green People’s Grooming Ritual set is just the thing to start setting up good cleansing routines.

Green People Grooming Ritual Set

The company was set up in 1997 when the founder realized that many products claiming to be organic products were a little bit like fake news.

Many years later, we have this little trio of *actual* organic skincare which includes a face scrub, shaving gel and moisturizer to keep the spots at bay and your teenager’s gift needs met.


10. Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Minis Tin – £26

Scentered is a portable mood therapy collection of 100% natural, fragrance therapy balms and candles, designed to help busy people cope with the challenges of modern-day living.

Their mindful aromatherapy mini tin contains five of their best-selling 100% natural balms:

  • Sleep-well
  • De-stress
  • Be-Happy
  • Focus
  • Escape.

The travel-friendly tin is perfect for transporting the balms, helping your teen stay centred wherever, whenever.

Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Minis Tin

Each 5g non-drip mini balm contains up to 25 essential oils, which deliver a unique natural perfume.

The nourishing balms have been formulated with a blend of moringa and shea butter for a non-greasy finish and long-lasting fragrance delivery.

Each balm can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and lifestyle support ‘tool kit’.

We particularly like De-stress balm for use around exam time to help ease tension, soothe the mind and lift the spirits.

11. Ellia Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser – £69.99

If you’d rather have your scents room-wide, we like the Ellia oil diffuser which also gives off a subtle natural glow.

Ellia Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser with Ambient Mood Lighting

Add the essential oil of your choice (we like the Ellia blends Wind Down and Be Centred) to your diffuser for up to six hours of continuous gentle mist.

Falling asleep and/or waking up to a gentle scented mist is all kinds of relaxing and invigorating and the prefect start and/or end to your day.

12. Crystals Egg Box Gift Set – £35.00

Crystals are a little woo-woo, sure, but they are also very pretty and can grace a teenage homework desk like a stony boss.

Try your kid out on one of these eggs gift sets – there are eight to try, complete with different types of assorted crystals ranging from Fancy Jasper to Rough Rose Quartz.

Each set contains one crystal cut and smoothed to an egg shape (hence the catchy title) and all the stones are individually wrapped and presented in a printed egg box.

The sets come with cards to describe the healing properties associated with each crystal type, should your girl or boy be drawn to the more mystical elements of these things.

13. Eco Beanbags – The Big Beanbag Company – from £159.00

Who would have thought it? The Big Beanbag Company are the first in the world to have created an eco beanbag.

The bags are filled with BioFoam beads (trademarked, of course) which are a compostable biopolymer made from plants.

They are child, teen and pet-friendly, won’t harm the environment and they keep their shape, meaning they feel good to plonk on.

What’s more, they use threads manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and all the material used can be repurposed or recycled.

They’re a Cornwall-based eco triumph and a definite best gift for teenagers.

14. By Nouck earrings – from £15.00

These high-quality gold-plated earrings are perfect for stacking along earlobes if your teen is multiple-pierced and also sells quirky little necklaces for that “too many necklaces on at once” look.

Jewellery by Nouck

They are made for mismatching and come in a wide variety of simple charms; initials, stones, stars, animal shapes or seashells.

The company handmakes its jewellery from an atelier located in Amsterdam and ships worldwide to your gift-needy teen for free.

15. A Book On One Page, Literary Prints – from £29.99

Has your teen boy or teen girl ever wondered what every word from a famous novel printed one page might look like?

Possibly not, but no matter, because the folks at One Book On One Page have gone and done it anyway.

All the classic books are there, from The Iliad to The Great Gatsby, printed out in full and designed in such a way as to look like a cool film poster.

The team behind the prints is made up of designers who are, as they say, dedicated to the task of bringing your favourite novels to life.

Your kid will look smart and so will their bedroom wall – add this one to your Best Gifts For Teenagers playlist.

16. HP Sprocket Bundle – from £129.99

For any kid who uses Instagram, the HP Sprocket Printer might just change their life.

This tiny little portable printer lets you edit your pics, add stickers and graphics, and then, using the magic of crystals and printing sticker paper, you can print copies out instantly and on the go.

HP Sprocket Bundle

Multiple copies, even, to hand out to the Squad, no matter whether you are in the park or at a party.

Like a Polaroid but cooler, interactive, smaller and – adhesive! Scream.

17. Bluetooth Shower Speaker – from £21.99

For those teens who cannot go for more than a few minutes without music, a podcast or an audible novel (Ha! hollow laugh), the TaoTronics water-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker is the answer.

Bluetooth shower speaker

With a built-in microphone, solid suction cup and six hours of playtime, the speaker can accompany your dirty teen through the arduous washing up process.

This gift for teenagers might encourage them to shower more, but good luck getting them back out again.

18. Greta Thunberg t-shirts – from £14.99

We all need a bit more Greta in our lives, so why not start with your teen having her emblazoned across his or her chest?

There’s a brilliant range of Greta t-shirts at Redbubble, from her stony-faced profile shouting “How Dare You?” to a Bowie Starman ripoff, complete with a lightning strike over one eye.

If you need gifts for teenagers, then listen to the scientists, man.

19. Happy Dog Cook Book – from £14.99

Here’s a gift idea for the dog-obsessed teenager.

Sean McCormack, Head Vet of, has gone and written a dog cookbook with the help of baby and toddler feeding expert Annabel Karmel.

gift idea for teens that love dogs

The book is full of handsome dog influencers like Zeus eating delicious homemade dog food like Apple, Cranberry & Peanut Butter Oat Cookies (in the shape of dog bones, obviously) and Sean’s Pup Friendly Hot Cross Buns.

They are, literally, good enough for humans to eat too.

A great gift for the kid who loves his or her dog and who is interested in nosing around the kitchen.

Frozen Chicken & Apple Bites, anyone?

20. Tisserand Aromatherapy x National Geographic – from £9

Tisserand Aromatherapy has teamed up with National Geographic to create a collection that celebrates the power of the natural world with oils from around the globe, designed to improve wellbeing through aromatherapy.

The new blends are sustainably sourced and made with 100% natural pure essential oils from beautiful destinations all over the world.

Tisserand Aromatherapy x National Geographic

Everything from the bottle to the box and even the label is as sustainable as possible; each product in the range is made with the planet in mind.

We like the unisex Explore – a blend from the UK, Sri Lanka and Paraguay – which combines a trio of oils to help bring a sense of clarity to tired minds.

21. LED String Lights – £35

Warm LED lights to give your teen’s room a party feel while s/he and friends are safely ensconced indoors.

LED String Lights
22. Apple Airpods – From £153

Airpods are still very popular among teenagers – they’re easy to use, cordless and simple to set up in just three easy steps.

Apple Airpods

They sense when they are in your ears and automatically pause when you remove them. They are compatible with all Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

23. House of Marley Positive Vibration XL Wireless Headphones – £99

If they’d prefer something a little more substantial, the House of Marley Positive Vibration XL headphones (yes, that Marley) have 24-hour battery life, memory foam ear cushions and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

House of Marley Positive Vibration XL Wireless Headphones

Crafted from sustainable materials, when Positive Vibration XL runs out of power, you can charge for a mere 10 minutes and get a four-hour playtime boost.

For a full 24-hour playtime, you only need to charge for two hours.

24. Instax mini 9 – £74.99

It’s not just adults that miss hard copy photographs.

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Cute, colourful and compact, this instant camera has a dedicated selfie mirror and close-up lens.

25. Ekster Smart Wallet – £119

Teens lose things a lot so we like the idea of a wallet that comes with an in-built tracker. They also hardly carry cash so we think a wallet is a smarter buy than a coin purse.

With the Ekster 3.0 wallet and tracker card, gone are the days of hunting through drawers, school bags and the back of the sofa to find a wallet (or anything you put the tracker card in).

Ekster Smart Wallet

The wallet is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can find out where your wallet is while sitting on the sofa.

The tracker, which is around the size of a credit card, can be paired with a phone and then traced anywhere in the world. The tracker is solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about charging yet another device.

26. Smartphone 36 LED Ring Light – £9.99

The next time you watch a YouTube video, look into the eyes of the vlogger and you’ll see small, round, white light. That’s how vloggers always look so good in their videos.

Now your teens can improve their selfie game with a LED ring light that attaches to their phone.

The light works on the same principle as the mirrors found backstage in theatres and TV/film studios where lightbulbs ring the mirror pane to provide strong, even light.

Smartphone 36 LED Ring Light

Just ask them not to make that ridiculous duck face in their selfies!

27. Pop Sockets – from £11.99

Teens are apparently very much into pop sockets.

They are great for phones and/or tablets providing extra comfort which is required when said phone is pretty much glued to your teen’s hand.

They’ll stick to nearly every vertical surface including dashboards, mirrors, bed posts, refrigerators, and walls for convenient hands-free viewing.

28. Converse All Star Hi-Top Trainers – from £52.99

The 1990s called and they want your Converse All Star Hi-Top Trainers back.

So does your retro-curious gift-bereft teenager, quite probably.

Yours are probably stashed somewhere with your old baggy 501’s, plum-coloured lip liner and Nirvana t-shirt, so buy them their own pair.

Fabulously non-binary and coming in a mind-blowing array of styles and fabrics, they will suit your teen regardless of gender and look as good on them as they did on you.

Or might still look as good – sharing is caring, right?

29. Sphero Mini Kit – £79.99

Getting your kid away from their screens isn’t easy but now you can put their smartphone or tablet to good use as they create their own app-enabled robotic ball.

If they’re new/apathetic to STEM, they can teach themselves the basics of coding by following the step-by-step activity cards with 15 challenges and games that encourage hands-on learning and play.

We suggest playing on the carpet as the robotic ball is rather noisy on bare floors!

30. 30 Seconds Board Game – £29.99

Top-selling board game 30 Seconds is now available in the UK.

30 seconds board game

With over 2 million copies sold worldwide to date, this fast-paced general knowledge game gives players (best suited to age 12 and over) just 30 seconds to describe five names on their chosen card, for their teammates to guess – being the first multi-player game to join the Smart Games collection.

From landmarks to TV shows, celebrities to popular songs, you work through the card as fast as you can without saying the actual names or using any ‘sounds like’ or rhyming tactics – sure to bring out everyone’s friendly (?) competitive side.

If you’re buying gifts for teens this season, what’s on your/their wishlist?


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