a list of the UK's best pet cafes

Cuppa Cuddles: The UK’s Best Pet Cafes

Pet cafés seem to be popping up all over London and beyond. 

Whether you’re seeking a cat cafe, where you can snuggle up to some of the UK’s luckiest rescue felines, or a stop where you can grab a drink with your pooch, pet cafes have hit a niche that is gaining in popularity. 

Here are our favourite pet cafés; the best places to visit to get your caffeine and cuddle fix in one go. 

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

152-154 Bethnal Green Rd
E2 6DG

Since it’s establishment in 2014, Lady Dinah’s serves as the longest-running cat cafe in the UK. Offering coffee, tea, sandwiches, and pastries as well as high tea service, Lady Dinah’s menu is as appealing as its inhabitants.  

Housing over 15 cats at any given time, the cats at Lady Dinah’s have their every need met.

Offering cosy beds and high perches, exercise wheels, and soothing fairy lights, any cat would be thrilled to find its new home here.  

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium takes the health and comfort of their furry stars seriously and abides by definite rules.

Sadly, Lady Dinah’s won’t be hosting any playdates soon: no groups larger than six, no picking up, holding, or waking the cats, and lastly no children under the age of 12.  

A visit to Lady Dinah’s is £15 for 90 minutes with the cats, which does not include food and drink.

Whiskers and Cream

Whiskers and Cream pet cafe

593 Holloway Rd
N19 4DJ

Whiskers and Cream is a more recent arrival on the cat cafe scene. Since it’s opening in early 2019, the cafe has served an upmarket tea and light bite menu, catering to an array of food sensitivities and preferences.  

Housing nine sweet and cuddly felines, who all arrived under a variety of circumstances, the main attraction at Whiskers and Cream are happy to provide entertainment.

The cafe’s cat care coordinator will happily introduce patrons to each member of their kitty crew, sharing their stories and personality quirks.  

Whiskers and Cream’s top priority is the health and safety of their furry stars, so they ask patrons not to disturb sleeping cats, to not climb on furniture, and protect their food and drink from curious noses.

Advanced bookings are recommended, though parties larger than 4, or containing children under 11 years old will need to schedule their visit by phone.

A 90-minute visit to Whiskers and Cream is £10 and includes a premium hot or cold drink.

If you’re looking for a good dog café in London, we recommend the following:

Verve London

179 Westbourne Grove
W11 2SB 

Verve London is a pet boutique, café bar, grooming parlour and doggy hotel in Notting Hill.

Want to throw your pet a party? You can do that here. There are few places in London that cater to your dog’s wants and needs like Verve.  

A must-visit for dog lovers.

Paws For Coffee

41 High Street
Hampton Hill
TW12 1NB

Paws for Coffee claim to be more than just dog-friendly – they are a dog loving café – so much so that they have a menu for humans and a menu just for dogs.

We suggest ‘Things on Toast’ for you and a ‘Puppuccino’ –  a big bowl of goat milk with chunks of black pudding – for your four legged friend.

Pug Café

The team behind Pug Cafe create pop-up events for Pugs and Pug lovers.

They transform ordinary coffee shops and cafes into Pug Cafes for the day so Pugs, Dachshunds, French Bulldogs and Pomeranians and their owners can enjoy a cafe experience together.

Pug Cafe is not a petting café – it’s a space for dogs to make friends, play and run around.

Pug Café tours the UK with one off events like Dachshund Doggie Disco, Cockapoo Café and Frenchie Café.

Check their website for events near you.

You and Meow

You and Meow pet cafe

22 Denmark Street
BS1 5DQ 

Cats seem to provide the ultimate inspiration in letting go of your stress at You and Meow.

The first cat cafe in Bristol is modelled after a peaceful zen garden and offers coffees (including meowchas and capawccinos), teas, smoothies and a variety of cakes.

Once patrons pick the appropriate tea for aligning their chakras, they can cuddle up with one of the cafe’s zen masters, a collection of 22 gorgeous felines who were made for this job.

Those who are looking for more than tea and cuddles can book their two-hour zen meditation, which offers a meditation session with the most spiritual cats in Bristol, some extra kitty playtime, along with cake and drink.

With a nod to keeping the zen masters happy, only children over the age of 10 can visit You and Meow, and parties of more than six will need to contact the cafe directly for bookings.

A 60-minute visit with the cats, ahem…zen masters of You and Meow is £6, and food and drink can be purchased separately.

Dog and Scone

22 Pudding Chare

Dog-lovers visiting Newcastle can get their tail wagging fix with a stop at Dog and Scone.

The cafe serves as a refuge for workaholics and renters who can’t have a dog of their own.

Offering an extensive menu of drinks, cakes, sandwiches, and wraps, it’s easy to see why the owners advise protecting your meals from opportunistic pups.

Home to eight petite and playful dogs, visitors can expect a delightful array of temperaments, from older, sleepier dogs to the naughty and silly puppies.  

Dog and Scone’s pups are their top priority, so children under 135cm or 11 years old are not allowed.

Additionally, personal items should be kept out of reach of the more spirited four-legged hosts.  

An hour with the pups at Dog and Scone costs £5.20 and includes your first drink.  

Kitty Cafe

Kitty Cafe

31-37 Friar Lane

8-9 Kirkgate

Unit 12 Grand Central Stephenson Place
B2 4BF

The crew at the Kitty Cafe might be onto something, as their locations keep popping up all over the UK.

Full of bright colours, big spaces, and comfy seating, these pet cafés are instantly cosy.

Hungry guests can dine on pizzas, paninis, cakes, or milkshakes, or check out their extensive coffee and tea menu. 

The fuzzy friends at Kitty Cafe aren’t just there for the snuggles, as each location is a re-homing and care facility for cats and kittens.

Visitors can add an extra cake to their tab, knowing that it’s helping to care for their purr-fect friends.  

As the only cat cafe on our list that is child-friendly, the Kitty Cafe does have tightly-enforced rules around picking up, pulling or poking the cats.

Those unable to follow the rules will be asked to leave.

A one-hour visit is £6 for adults and £4 for children, food and drink are not included.

Where are your favourite pet cafés in the UK?


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