TWG Afternoon Tea

Is TWG London’s Most Luxurious Afternoon Tea?

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week – we tried TWG Afternoon Tea at their new tea house in Leicester Square.

TWG Tea is the brainchild of Maranda Barnes. Raised in Singapore and England, she started TWG with her husband Taha, who has over 20 years’ experience in the tea business.

There are three TWG tea houses in London – Harrods, Leicester Square and Knightsbridge – offering over 800 blends of tea.

Yes, you read that correctly. 800 blends!

Despite the recent trend of everyone and their dog drinking coffee, we Brits love our tea and TWG Afternoon Tea takes tea to a luxurious, high end place.

The word that comes to mind when we try and describe TWG tea house is ‘splendid’.

The tea house is huge – two luxurious floors opposite M&M World and if your knowledge doesn’t stretch much beyond ‘Earl Grey’ and ‘Builder’s, don’t worry, all the staff are expertly trained to suggest which tea should go with whatever you order and are happy to make gentle suggestions on food/tea pairings without making you feel like a Philistine.

We went as a family – and were surprised how many families were in there – but we think the place is best suited to an adult-only occasion.

The staff were super friendly and patient but to really get the most out of this sumptuous venue and the delicious food, leave the kids with a sitter and slowly enjoy every morsel of food and every drop of tea.

TWG afternoon tea

You’ll notice there’s no milk or sugar on the table, TWG want you to really experience the tea in its purest form.

And if you’re a big spender, how about the Gold Yin Zen for £125 a pot?

Most of the food at TWG includes tea in one form or another; Mains include cherry tomatoes infused with Riviera tea, roast chicken infused with Lavender Valley Tea and salads with green tea dressing.

macrons at TWG afternoon tea

The Instagram friendly desserts tantalise the taste buds – the delicious macarons have a hint of tea in the ingredients, the sorbets and ice creams are all infused with tea and the chocolate tarte (out of this world delicious) comes with a scoop of Earl Grey Fortune and Chocolate ice cream served with Vanilla Bourbon Tea infused chocolate crumble.

It’s even more delicious than it sounds.

TWG afternoon tea menu

With hot tea, iced tea, cocktails and mocktails, TWG Tea is a must visit place for tea enthusiasts, afternoon tea lovers and any and everyone who wants a luxurious, indulgent tea-centric experience at breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses and/or the 3 o clock slump.

TWG Tea Black Tea

TWG Tea | 48 Leicester Square | London WC2H 7LT



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