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Royal Institute of British Architects Workshops

 Credit: Paul Cochrane RIBA, British Architectural Library

Credit: Paul Cochrane RIBA, British Architectural Library

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is organising a series of public events, including a range of hands-on workshops for families and children, all led by teaching artists and RIBA architects.

Design Quest: For ages 5-7

Ornamental Observation

26 October 2017

Be an Architecture Explorer on a hunt for cornices, columns and other classical clues.

A Desirable Residence

27 October 2017

Design and create your own Georgian-style residence…in a box!

Design Quest: For ages 8-10

Street Sets

26 October 2017

Bring London’s streets to life…in miniature! Create a theatre set with stories, characters and amazing architecture.

Classical Creations

27 October 2017

Design a contemporary column inspired by classical styles and produce pattern books to inspire future architects.

Design Day: For ages 11-15

Ornament and Form

7 October 2017

Explore form, colour and texture through mould making and plaster casting.

Drawing Digital

23 October 2017

Transform 18th-century drawings and contemporary photographs into expressive, digitally layered renderings that depict architecture in new ways.

Comic Book London

24 October 2017

Use your own signature style to bring Pablo Bronstein’s drawings to life in a London-inspired comic book. 

Mission: Commission

25 October 2017

Your mission: design and model a new architectural exhibition for RIBA.

Skill Up: For ages 15-18

Framing Your View

23 October 2017

Practice drawing techniques to critique or pay homage to different architectural styles.

Designing from Fragments

24 October 2017

Combine drawn fragments from real-life, books and your imagination to develop new architectural ideas.

The Good Old Days

25 October 2017

Explore the effects of heritage and nostalgia in everyday life, the arts and architecture.

Architecture Drawing Day

28 October

Join us for our annual celebration of architectural drawing with workshops and activities exploring different techniques, styles and practices. Whether you are a skilled draughtsman or a complete novice, there’s something for everyone.

All workshops run from 11 am-4 pm.  Tickets cost £40 or £25 if your family id eligible for free school meals. 

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Earlier Event: October 26
Later Event: October 27
Token Messages Workshop