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11 Inspiring Ideas To Decorate A Teen Girl’s Bedroom

By Luis Diaz

Your girl’s room is her sanctuary; a place to feel comfortable and express her individuality.

According to Psychology Today, a teenager’s room can symbolize their mental state, so why not give your teenage girl a room that she can flourish in?

Here are 11 ideas worth considering when it comes to decorating a teen girl‘s bedroom:

Keep Base Decorations Neutral

Fashion trends have a big impact on teenage girls. For better or for worse, most girls go through several changes as they grow up. One day they might like fun frilly colors while the next they prefer dark tones.

This is perfectly normal; teens need to try out new things while they figure out who they are.

When you’re decorating her room, keep things neutral. A neutral colour palette on the walls and floors make it easy to change things up.

Use your furniture and decorative items to add colour. When she decides that she wants an update, you’ll be glad you kept things simple!

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

On average we spend about two hours a week in the bathroom and teenagers tend to use the space even more. In their teen years they experiment with their appearance and explore their identity.

It matters to pay attention to this space, especially if they have their own bathroom that they will be using.

Since guest bathrooms or non-master suite bathrooms tend to be smaller, get creative with the space by adding mirrors or using a great small compact toilet.

It’s also a good idea to continue their decor style they chose in their bedroom as a theme for the bathroom.

Create an Art Display

What teenage girl doesn’t like art? Simple wall art pieces give your daughter the chance to express her individuality.

Let her pick out some pieces that inspire her. Then create a display wall. Use picture ledges to layer the art in interesting ways.

Again, picture ledges make things easier to change later down the line. While it might be easier to tack up some posters, ledges are much cleaner. Plus, they provide a sophisticated look.

Build a Personal Feature Wall

Speaking of art displays, one thing your teen will appreciate is a custom feature wall made from photos she loves. In our selfie-focused culture, teenagers are taking more photos than ever!

photo wall teen girl bedroom ideas

While it may come off as a bit self-centred sometimes, photography is important at her age. She’s making memories that she wants to relive!

Buy a photo printer and let her print out her favourite snaps. Or, give her the gift of analogue photography! With a bit of wire and some clothespins, you can create a customizable photo display she’ll love.

Mood Lighting

Good lighting can provide your teenager with a ton of mental health benefits. It can help fight stress, stave off depression, and help them sleep better. Introducing some unique mood lighting into your teen’s room is a great way to transform the space.

Instead of relying on basic ceiling lights, why not get creative? Hang some fairy lights around the perimeter of the room. Or, take advantage of dimmer switches. Smaller lamps and colored bulbs can do the trick too.

Add several lighting sources into the room and let your girl decide how she wants it to look. A little bit of lighting can go a long way.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You don’t have to limit decor to eye-level. Use space all the way up to the ceiling! This applies to both decorative items and furniture.

Use tall furniture pieces, such as bookshelves and tall wardrobes. They help to make the space feel more dynamic. Plus, they give you more storage space.

use vertical space in a teen girl bedroom

Take full advantage of the room’s wall space; hang lights, utilise wall tapestries, and install window coverings. All these small details add more visual interest and give your girl more opportunities to make the room her own.

Form a Study Space

Teens who have access to their own private studying space are ready for success in school. It helps them stay organised and provides a place where they can focus.

set up study space in a teen girl bedroom

Save a corner of the room for a desk. Work with your teen to gather all the necessary supplies she needs. This includes:

Keep all the studying essentials she needs in one place. Chances are, she’ll use that space more often.

Add Pops of Colour

Earlier, we recommended keeping the base decorations of your girl’s room neutral. However, we didn’t say that you couldn’t use any colour at all!

Add pops of colour in the room with wall art, furniture, bedding, and more. Take the opportunity to set a specific mood. All colours can evoke certain feelings. You can use colours to make the room feel calm, exciting, vibrant, and so much more.

Use a colour wheel to find complementary colours and get creative. Work with your girl to create a colour palette that she will enjoy.

use a colour wheel to brighten a teen girl bedroom
Play with Patterns

On top of adding pops of colour, mix and match patterns to create some visual interest. Many homeowners have a hard time playing with patterns. It’s true that some patterns will clash.

But others will work harmoniously together. Stick to a central theme and build the room around that. Once you get the hang of things, you can add patterns to every corner.

Implement patterns on window coverings, pillows, and more. You can even play with texture to give the room some added depth.

Get Organised

From books and toiletries to makeup and clothes, your teen girl probably has a lot of stuff to stash away. Unless you want her room looking like a pigsty, you’ll need to implement some creative organisation methods.

There’s a lot that you can do. Start by separating the room into various zones. Have one zone dedicated to studying and create another one for beauty and fashion.

Keep all the essentials in their respective zone and start thinking outside of the box. Use plastic containers to keep similar items together. Take advantage of space underneath the bed and implement shelves to store things up high.

The possibilities are endless. Work with your daughter and have some fun with it! Once everything has its spot, your girl will have a much easier time keeping things clean.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

If the room in question is on the smaller side, you’re going to have to work a bit harder to make things feel cosy. Small rooms can have a detrimental effect on your mental health.

Cramped spaces are notorious for causing anxiety and stress. They can be claustrophobic and provide limited privacy. While you can’t make the room physically bigger, you can make it feel bigger.

use mirrors in the bedroom to make it feel bigger

Mirrors can work wonders in small spaces. Use mirrors to give the room more depth. Angling mirrors near windows can also bring in more light, creating a bright and airy feel.


Creating the perfect room for a teenage girl doesn’t have to be difficult. These tips and tricks can turn any room into a safe and inviting space your girl will love.

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