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Disney’s Aladdin – an Autism-Friendly Performance

Families with special needs children can sit back and enjoy a dedicated Autism-Friendly performance of Aladdin which has modifications to the booking process, performance and the theatre environment, including the theatre’s foyer includes designated quiet and activity areas plus staffed by experts in autism throughout the performance should anyone need to leave their seats.

 © Disney

© Disney

Slight adjustments are made to the performance itself, including the reduction of jarring sounds or strobe lighting that face the audience.

The cast of Aladdin along with Prince Edward Theatre box office and front of house staff have been given training to understand the needs of an audience made up of adults and children who are autistic.

A specific website has been set up for this performance, linking to a dedicated booking page. The website includes a downloadable ‘visual story’ to help people with autism understand the process of a visit to the theatre, thus aiding their comprehension of the experience and reducing anxiety by explaining each step from arriving in the foyer to the final curtain call.

Find out more and purchase tickets here.

Tickets are sold at a specially reduced rate and can be selected on a virtual map of the auditorium.