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5 Reasons Why You Should Take The Family To Skills London

OK, so what is Skills London, I hear you ask?

Skills London is the UK’s largest jobs and careers event.

Over the course of two days – 15th and 16th November – over 30,000 people aged between 15 and 24 and their families, teachers and career advisers will walk through the doors of Excel in east London, looking for information, guidance, and most importantly inspiration on what the future of work could hold.

It is hard to think about doing a job if you don’t know much about it; Skills London is a great chance to turbo-charge future planning and find out about loads of jobs at once, from being a chef to being a coder, options that you might not otherwise know about or have talked about together.

But why should you attend? Here are five good reasons:

1. Skills London Is Free!

People from every London borough attend Skills London – and it’s completely free of charge.

In fact, travel bursaries are available for anyone who would struggle to attend – the support is there to help you get your family in front of so many job and training opportunities.

And while you are there, who knows who you will meet?

At the event, you and your children will be able to hear from experts across a wide variety of industries – from British Airways, who will tell you how young people can get into global travel, to apprenticeship opportunities at EY and Tesco.

Your kids can learn more from recent graduates about their university experiences, become a crime scene investigator (CSI) with fingerprint analysis and tyre track testing, and many more activities.

This might spark an interest your children didn’t know they had and it won’t cost you a penny – there is nowhere with such choice!

Careers in botany at Skills London
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2. It’s fun!

Yes, that’s right – this careers fair is fun. Honestly, it really is.

Skills London is an interactive event that will allow you and your kids the opportunity to have real hands-on learning across all sectors!

From construction village, where you can get hands-on with scaffolding, to the emergency services zone, where you can meet police dogs and see the inside of an ambulance.

Careers in medicine at Skills London
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Earlier we mentioned you and your children could become CSIs – that’s just the start of it.

Head over to the London Warriors and practise your American Football techniques. Have your hair styled by hairdressing students.

If science is of interest, you could experiment with electronics with the Atomic Weapons Establishment, experience virtual reality, or even have a go at bending copper pipes.

Careers in VR at Skills London
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Your children could even get competitive with their classmates and have a fitness competition at the rowing machines!

We’ll also hear from grime star Romzy, who successfully juggles his music career with full-time education.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan will talk about his enthusiasm for the career opportunities on offer and driving a skills revolution in London.

We will also hear from other speakers, like Urban Teacher, who will be speaking about his insights on education and technology – where else would you get so much passion and energy in one place?

3. There are more live jobs available to view than anywhere else

Skills London has over 50,000 live opportunities under one roof – that’s more than one for every person attending!

Whether you have a teenager that’s looking for that first role outside of full-time education, an apprenticeship in a vital industry or they’re just in need of some inspiration fresh from completing a degree, there’s something at Skills London for everyone.

Skills London 1
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Across all industries and sectors, from financial services and accountancy to the police/emergency services, construction and vocational work, there are hundreds of opportunities to help your child find the one that works best for them.

4. It’s inspiring

When you’re young, it’s hard to truly work out exactly what you want to do (even if it’s mainly not what your parents want you to do).

Your kids may feel pressure from a number of sources – from teachers, to their peers, and even from you – and it’s especially difficult when each decision from the age of 16 feels like the most important one you will ever make.

Be inspired at Skills London
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It is also tricky for them to get inspired if their only previous experiences with work are one week arranged through school, and hearing about your day at work – and that’s where Skills London comes into play.

With talks from experts on how to make yourself more employable, and industry leaders shedding light on their working worlds, there’s something to captivate everyone.

The stands are run by young people who are apprentices themselves, so your children can relate to their experience.

And the live jobs board lets you and your children know the roles you can apply for right at that very moment!

5. It’s a family affair

Every parent wants what’s best for their children, and Skills London aims to cater.

From jobs for young people across the age range of education and beyond, to a dedicated teachers and parents hub, where you can receive useful information to support your child’s career decisions, you can be reassured that your children will have their interest sparked by the range of opportunities out there.

Fun at Skills London
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Parents who have attended previous years have said it is a ‘must-attend event’ for all parents – it gives the whole family the opportunity to see what options are available.

University is great, and there are plenty of opportunities available, but for those who want to explore all the other options, the range of stands and exhibitors will open your children’s eyes.

Skills London 2019
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For more information and details on how to attend this free event, visit


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