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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…To Be Pregnant

Being pregnant in Winter doesn’t fill everyone with joy.

The festive season is upon us, with it’s many celebrations and invitations.

Whether you’re celebrating, it can be a tough slog if you’re pregnant.

You won’t be able to enjoy the endless cocktails of your office party and you’ll probably want to give those late nights a miss.

Let’s not focus on the things that you’re missing out on.

Here’s why being pregnant in winter – despite everyone else partying hard – can be absolutely wonderful.

The Food

Who doesn’t love eating? Winter and food (lots and lots of food) go together like pepperoni and pizza, like cookies and chocolate chips, like turkey and all the trimmings.

Being pregnant means that not only can you eat your fill, but people will be encouraging you to do so.

No more feeling guilty that you intend to eat an entire plate of canapes. No more worrying what people will think when you ask for seconds.

And thirds.

When you are pregnant, everyone knows you’re eating for two, so you probably won’t even have to ask; your plate will continue to be loaded.

Instead of loading up on Prosecco and making a fool of yourself at the Karaoke bar, why not use the festive season to explore some great London dining experiences?

You can try one of London’s best cafes, experience one of the greatest London Afternoon Teas, or enjoy one of London’s hottest curries?

If that sounds decadent then you could round off your seasonal dining by sampling cakes from some of London’s best bakeries.

Go on, treat yourself!


Clearing Away

No matter how perfect a dinner is, clearing up afterwards is no one’s favourite thing to do. When you’re pregnant in winter, you won’t be expected to help.

You can sit with your feet up nursing another mince pie and let the rest of your family and friends tidy up around you.

So remember – when you’re told to sit down and relax – don’t argue. Just listen and make the most of it. Next year you won’t get away so lightly.

The Parties

Some people love parties and can’t wait to get their invitation to the office do. Some people, however, would prefer not to have to deal with them.

Yet we all feel obligated and if we can’t find a good enough excuse we have to get dressed up and go and spend time with people we see quite enough of already.

Being pregnant during the party season is the ultimate excuse not to go if you don’t fancy it.

Stay home where it’s warm and cosy, and where you don’t have to wear heels (unless you want to) binge-watching the latest Netflix or Amazon sensation.

Of course, if you do want to go, there’s nothing really stopping you, so if parties are your thing, enjoy!

The Weather

Winter in the UK means it’s going to be cold but pregnant women tend to have a much higher body temperature than normal.

One cancels out the other, so for once, you can feel comfortable.

If you do go out, you won’t (necessarily) have to wrap up quite as warmly as everyone else, and that makes moving about, driving, using public transport a whole lot easier – it’s just your bump you need to look out for, not your many layers of clothing.

At night, you should be able to sleep relatively well. Making a little human isn’t the most comfortable of jobs, but it’s these little things – like being at a just right temperature – that count.

The Sales

Everything to do with babies seems to cost money. There is so much gear to get, so many cute toys and clothes and gadgets and gizmos.

They’re not all necessary, but there is a fine line between want and need and if you’re pregnant in Winter you can use the ensuing January sales to snag some fantastic baby clothes and necessary baby equipment for your little one.

With the money you save, you can indulge in a pregnancy massage, a manicure or an enormous pizza. Whatever makes you happy.

The Self Care

If you’ve saved yourself time by being excused from parties, cleaning up and cooking then you’ll hopefully be able to find some “me time” over the holiday season.

What better time to take advantage of all the wonderful spa experiences that London has to offer?

Rather than being frazzled and hungover you’ll be going back to work in January refreshed.

What’s your favourite thing about being pregnant in the winter?


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