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Half Term at Museum of London Docklands

The museum will be hosting a full range of events and activities for families (based on Roman Dead, which closes Oct 28) looking for free fun during the October half term.

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Our faves include:

Still as statues

Sat 20 & Thu 25 Oct, 12–1.30pm & 2.30-4pm

Create a miniature Roman statues like those found with ancient Londoners. What are the stories behind these objects and why were they included in burials? Find out in this art workshop.

Suggested ages: 5+

Stories from the Roman dead

Sun 21 Oct, 12–1.30pm, 2-3.30pm & 3-4.30pm

Cross the River Styx in this interactive storytelling session exploring Roman myths about life and death. Journey to the Underworld with Prosperina and Pluto and learn how the Romans explained the change in the seasons through this classic tale.

Suggested ages: 5+

Bit by bit

Tue 23 & Fri 26 Oct, 12–1.30pm & 2.30-4pm

Goods came to London from all over the Roman Empire and beyond, and some of these items have been found buried in ancient cemeteries. Learn about the rare and beautiful millefiori plate which was found in east London, and craft one of your own exquisite plates using this ancient art form.

Suggested ages: 5+

Recreating Romans

Tue 24 Oct, 12–1.30pm & 2.30-4pm

What do we know from bones? Recreate a Roman Londoner based on the clues left behind in their skeletons. What will their bones reveal? Were Roman Londoners wealthy merchants, farmers, slaves or Roman soldiers? Discover more in this art workshop.

Suggested ages: 5+

Revealing the Romans

Tue 24, Wed 25 & Thu 26 Oct 1–3pm

Become a history detective with museum curators and conservators in this drop-in workshop. Get up close to real Roman remains to discover what makes London’s buried history so unique.

Suggested ages: 5+

Fascinating footwear

Tue 24 & Wed 25 Oct, 12–1.30pm & 2.30-4pm

Archaeologists can tell a lot about a person from their shoes, such as if they were rich, poor or if they had problems with their feet. Look at how shoes survive in London and design your own footwear based on Roman shoes.

Suggested ages: 5+

Make some noise

Sat 27 Oct, 12–1.30pm & 2.30-4pm

Music played a big part at Roman burial ceremonies. Create your own percussion instruments out of recycled materials in this art workshop and make some music worth of any Roman send-off.

Suggested ages: 5+

Journey to the Underworld

Sun 28 Oct, 12–1.30pm, 2-3.30pm & 3-4.30pm

Join modern day fortune-teller Evadne Greengrass as she recounts the story of Dido and Aeneas. Hear about the Queen of Carthage and this famous Roman warrior and learn what happened to them as they travelled through the Underworld.

Suggested ages: 5+

 (c) Museum of London Docklands

(c) Museum of London Docklands

The museum’s permanent galleries have been packed with new interactive exhibits to help kids learn in a fun and entertaining way. Have a ride in the treadwheel, piece together the picture on the historic puzzle wall and then work as a team to build a tunnel. The fun doesn’t have to end at Mudlarks, as you can now pick up a family trail map at front desk to explore these new, free exhibits.

More info here.

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