10 Excellent Reasons To Take The Kids To The Muller Anniversary Games

Cast your minds back to late 2012, early 2013 when schools up and down the land were waxing lyrical about sport and the legacy of the 2012 games.

Did it help make you and/or your family sportier?

The legacy of the games lives on and you just have to head East to see exactly how.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is free to visit and super easy to get to on the DLR or Central Line.

The Park is home to the London Stadium, the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the London Aquatics Centre, the Copper Box Arena, Lee Valley VeloPark and Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre – as well as parklands, waterways, playgrounds and cafes.

This summer, the park will host the Festival of Athletics culminating in the Muller Anniversary Games on July 20 and 21.

Whether you/the kids are athletes in the making or your sport level peaks at walking the kids to school, here are ten excellent reasons to grab the kids and head east for the Festival of Athletics:

  1. Grab The Girls And Get Running (or walking/jogging)

As part of the Festival of Athletics on the morning of 21st July at the London Stadium, British Athletics will be running a Couch to 5K event at the Muller Anniversary Games.

Tickets to take part are now on sale and the all-female mass run begins at 09:45 and ends on the track inside the London Stadium.

All entrants will receive a free ticket to the second and final day of the Müller Anniversary Games and the opportunity for families of runners to purchase tickets at the priority price point, while the first 2,000 women who register are guaranteed a place in the Couch to 5k.

2. Represent Your Postcode

British Athletics will also be working with London boroughs to engage communities across the capital to engage in athletics for a relay competition between the 32 London boroughs with top teams lining up to compete in the Muller Anniversary Games.

We feel a North London vs South London race coming!

3. Show The Kids What Hard Work, Sacrifice, Passion and Dedication Looks Like

It’s an unfortunate reality that our kids are growing up with a skewed view of what success looks like.

Thanks to social media, today’s young people often believe that success happens overnight and can get upset when they try something once and don’t immediately see the results.

Use the Games to show them that true success usually comes after years of hard work, sacrifice, passion and dedication.

4. Life Lessons Learned

While you’re at the Muller Anniversary Games, talk to the kids about losing (something most kids find hard to accept) and that sometimes, putting in your best doesn’t guarantee you’ll be number one.

You can also discuss teamwork and the importance of working together and putting in an effort for the betterment of the team – a skill they’ll need as they navigate school and work.

Try not to be a passive watcher – not easy when your fave athlete is on the track – engage with the kids and exchange questions and answers about the sports you are watching.

Maybe you and they will discover a new passion for a particular sport.

5. Encourage A Sporty Lifestyle

We couldn’t put it any better than former British athlete from Croydon and current Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead at British Athletics, Donna Fraser:

“Athletics is the perfect family sport for spectators and participants. This is one of the many reasons athletes enjoy competing at the Müller Anniversary Games so much, because as well as having world-class athletics on show, we see first-hand how accessible and inclusive the sport is.

With so much going on across the weekend of 20-21 July, it’s a great chance for the public to enjoy the sport in different ways.”

Why not use the Games to kickstart your own regular, weekly family walk or jog?

6. There’s More To Do Than Just Watch The Games

If only one member of the family is an athletics fan, there’s plenty to do other than watch the games. Choose from:

  • Müller’s Run, Jump, Throw + Push activities

  • Müller make your own yogurt

  • SPAR Sports Club – Beat the Elite High Jump Challenge

  • Face Painting

  • Bib Printing

  • Live Music from The AllStars Collective

  • Live DJ

  • Autograph Zone

  • Write a message to an athlete.

British Athletics has worked hard to ensure there’s something to please kids/teens of all ages and further events and activities are being added to the roster every week.

7. Give To Charity Really Easily

Track Academy – a charity working with disadvantaged young people in London through athletics sessions, workshops, 1:1 mentoring and more – are the Games’ Official Charity Partner.

They will receive donations from ticket purchasers who can donate £0.25, £0.50 or £1.00 when they buy tickets to the Games.

8 – 10. Let Paralympian Stef Reid Give You Three More Reasons:

If you still need convincing, according to the New York Times, a growing body of scientific research and some compelling empirical evidence suggest that sports fans are less prone to depression and alienation than non-sport watchers.

Tickets to see the best athletes in the world at the London Stadium on 20 – 21 July at the Müller Anniversary Games are available from British Ahtletics.


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