The Monshea™ range is made from innovative ingredients, with the goal of transforming dry skin and curly colour treated hair, to skin that glows and hair that glistens.

Monshea™ Shea Oil is fractionated from Unrefined Shea Butter. Some of the Stearic fatty acid (this is what gives unrefined shea butter its solid composition) is removed and so it is left with more of the Oleic fatty acid which is the moisturising and absorption component in natural oils.

As well as being a rich moisturising oil (more moisturising than coconut oil, Shea butter and Argan oil) it will instantly soften and smooth your dry skin or hair. The oil also

  • has anti- ageing benefits
  • improves the appearance of scars and burns
  • evens your skin tone
  • Offers anti- inflammatory benefits which helps stiff and aching muscles and the build-up of fluids
  • is ideal to use after vigorous or strenuous exercise

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