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17 Of The Best Mindfulness Books For Kids (Of All Ages)

As much as we worry about our own mental health or what to do and how to cope with a crisis, we worry about our kids coping mechanisms more.

We want them to thrive and be happy, undisturbed by life’s anxieties, whether they are brought on by ill health, natural disaster or the death of a loved one.

As parents, sometimes we are unsure of the best things to say and/or do in a crisis, so we’ve rounded up the best mindfulness books for kids of all ages.

Older children and teenagers can read them on their own and discuss with you afterwards while books for toddlers and younger children are designed to be read together.

17 Of The Best Mindfulness Books For Kids

Mindfulness books for kids age 0 to 4

Yoga Babies – Age 2 – 5

Winner of the 2018 Sheffield Children’s Book Award, Fearne Cotton’s book is great to help babies and toddlers feel calm.

Elmer’s Walk – Age 3+

Follow everyone’s favourite elephant as he helps others see the joys in smelling the flowers, watching the clouds and listening to the waterfall. A lovely way to help children find the joys in little things.

The Worrysaurus – Age 3+

The Worrysaurus helps kids learn how to let go of their fears and feel happy in the moment.

Mind Hug: The First Story – age 4+

Kids love hugs and they love a Mind Hug too as they learn how to control and accept their emotions. A gentle introduction to mindfulness principles.

Mindfulness books for kids age 5 to 11

I Am Peace – Age 5+

Kids will learn the basic tenets of mindfulness as they discover the importance of taking time out to express and regulate their emotions.

The Colour Monster – Age 5+

A beautiful story of a little girl who helps a monster understand his feelings (angry, happy, calm, sad and scared) through colour. It’s a lovely way to help kids learn about – and express – their emotions.

Breathe and Be: A Book of Mindfulness Poems – Age 4 – 8

A book of poetry and art that teaches kids how to stay calm, regulate their emotions and appreciate the world around them.

Ruby’s Worry – Age 5+

Ruby’s worries get bigger and bigger each day, making Ruby feel sad. Learn how Ruby gets rid of it and starts feeling like herself again. The book can be used to discuss worries and anxieties of all sizes.

Calm With The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Age 6+

A well-loved and familiar character helps kids learn coping mechanisms and how to let go, breathe and smile.

Mindfulness for Kids Who Worry: Calming Exercises to Overcome Anxiety – Age 6 to 9

Kids will learn fun mindfulness skills to stop anxiety and worry impacting on their daily life.

No Worries! Mindful Kids: An Activity Book for Young People Who Sometimes Feel Anxious Or Stressed – Age 7+

An interactive activity book for children to colour and doodle their way to happiness, calm and confidence from former primary teacher and headteacher and now Child & Family Psychotherapist Dr Sharie Coombes.

Create Your Own Happy – Age 8 – 11

The authors of Create Your Own Happy have written an article for us on the benefits of the book which helps discover that much of their happiness is actually under their control.

Mindfulness books for Tweens and Teenagers

Mindfulness for Teens in 10 Minutes a Day

Spend 10 minutes a day learning how to keep yourself in the here and now, tackle challenges one at a time, and make the most of every minute.

Stuff That Sucks: Accepting what you can’t change and committing to what you can

An essential book (for all ages really) on how to accept your emotions rather than struggle against them.

The book recognises that life is simply just horrible sometimes and teaches tweens and teens how to reconnect with what is really important to them.

The Magic Is Inside You: Powerful & Positive Thinking For Confident Kids

An introduction to mindfulness techniques that provides children with the language to express themselves and gain insight on situations or emotions that they may be experiencing.

Kids will learn how to gain control over their inner voice and how they can transform it into a powerful mindset which sets them up for success.

You Got This – A Positive Thinking, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Journal

A journal for kids to record their feelings, worries and anxieties with lists such as ‘Three Amazing Things That Happened Today” and “The Good Things Checklist” to remind them of the good things they have experienced and encourage a growth mindset.

The Mindfulness Journal for Teens: Prompts and Practices to Help You Stay Cool, Calm, and Present

Another journal for teens, this one contains simple breathing exercises and easy meditations to help them de-stress.

What are your favourite mindfulness books for kids?


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