Clarins Remodelling Serum

How Good Is Clarins Remodelling Serum?

Clarins Remodelling Serum has had beauty editors and bloggers all in a frenzy, listing it as one of those products that will redefine our idea of what beauty products are capable of.

What is all the fuss about?

I’m yet to try a Clarins product I don’t like, all their stuff not only feels beautiful against the skin it also does a great job moisturising/protecting/hydrating and as I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, it’s time I started thinking about anti-ageing right?

It’s well known that water and oil don’t mix but Clarins have somehow fused the two together – along with 20 of the most powerful known plant extracts – into a wonder serum that is instantly absorbed by the skin.

The skin on our face is up to 70% water and 30% oil so using a product that closely mimics our skins natural make up means wrinkles are minimised, skin is firmer, more elastic and even-toned and pores are less visible.

Although darker skins tend not to wrinkle as fast as Caucasian skin, we are all affected by environmental factors and stress linked to our lifestyle which can lead to loss of firmness, fine lines, diminished radiance and more visible pores which no one wants!

The Clarins Remodelling Serum hydrates, nourishes, protects, oxygenates and regenerates the skin. Does it make the tea too?!

I don’t have any wrinkles (yet!) but as I’m getting older I have noticed my pores are larger and my complexion not as smooth as it used to be. After just one use of the Clarins Remodelling Serum, I could feel and see a difference.

My skin felt dewy fresh, very moisturised and like all Clarins products, it smells gorgeous and is a pleasure to apply and wear. Mr London Mother is also somewhat obsessed with it so most mornings you find us fighting over it in the bathroom!

A little goes a long way as two pumps in the morning and two again in the evening (before your usual moisturiser) is enough to do your whole face and neck.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Clarins Super Restorative Super Restorative Remodelling Serum – £80/30ml

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