What To Buy a Coffee Lover

we’ve called this guide ‘what to buy a coffee lover’ but as soon as the child is born, aren’t all parents magically transformed - by necessity - into coffee lovers?

Before we had kids, we only drank tea!

We're always open to suggestion but here are our current coffee and coffee adjacent favourites:

We're a sucker for good tableware and if the budget allowed, would buy pretty much everything for sale at caravancoffeeroasters.co.uk. So far, we’ve made do with a coffee mug but we have our eye on more.

We recently went to Balthazar in Covent Garden for the launch of the new Ninja Coffee Bar (currently reduced to £119.99). Fronted by actress Sofia Vergara in the US, Ninja Coffee Bar* is the first and only home brewer that at the touch of a button can deliver your choice of strength, size (mug, travel mug, half and full carafes) plus make iced coffee and coffee house style layered drinks like cappuccinos and lattes as well as frozen coffee drinks, all from one amazing system. Most importantly, the machine is easy to clean! The Ninja Coffee Bar also comes with a recipe book of 40 recipes. 

Coffee is such a personal choice and one man’s junk is another man’s treasure but we drink a lot of Pact Coffee (a fab gift as it's delivered to your door so you need never face the nightmare that is running out), regularly visit Gentleman Baristas and in a rush, drink Clipper Organic freeze-dried instant. Sorry to all the puritans out there but we're quite fond of instant coffee! We’re also getting into overnight coffee.

When it comes to the black liquid gold that is coffee, wha do you think is a great gift for a coffee lover?

*PR sample*