Guest post by Ryan of Borough22

Osteopaths and Chiropractors are often considered the same so I visited Amberin Fur Associates at 58 South Moulton Street Wellbeing Centre to find out, in the name of journalistic research of course, exactly what treatment by an osteopath involves.

I firmly believe that you should listen to your body. Yes it’s strong and robust and wonderfully made but it knows things. Deep, dark things and when it’s had enough it will certainly let you know.

It’s been quite a tumultuous year for me with work, a young family, two holidays, 1 car crash, a twisted ankle and the rise and rise of my gluten free, vegan doughnut business Borough 22. So by the time December hit my body was well and truly on strike. I therefore almost bit The London Mother’s hand off when she offered me the chance to meet with Laura Sierra from Amberin Fur + Associates.

Based on South Molton Street admittedly more famed for its trendy designer boutiques and occasional people watching eateries, the clinic is part of a wellbeing centre nestled above the hustle and bustle of the shops below. The space is cosy, warmly lit and clean but not clinical, more tranquil I would say. The consultancy are a cohort of physical therapists (osteopaths and physiotherapists) chosen for their expertise and passion for their discipline. As a collective, they teach, train, support national and international teams (including the 2012 Olympic teams), and have initiated projects both in the UK and abroad, leading both osteopathy and physiotherapy.

I arrived early and filled out some information (so as not to cut into treatment time – top tip). Laura, who hails from Northern Spain (and speaks perfect English) was very good at putting my mind at ease with her calm voice I was soon pouring my heart out about all my life’s woes. Encouraged to stay on track and tell her what was actually wrong with me I was soon stripped down to my smalls so she could perform an examination. She looked at my posture, my walk (with a trademark wiggle – wink wink) and got me to touch my toes – all in the name of a review of course.

Next I was on the table for a slightly more thorough examination. Lots of rotating of limbs and joints followed by an explanation of my problematic areas which was pretty much spot on. She then went on to tell me exactly what she was going to do and how this would help me. All the time during the treatment Laura explained everything and kept me fully informed of the process.

It’s probably worth stating that an osteopath is not the same as chiropractor. I’m used to being cracked and manipulated by the latter and sadistically quite enjoy it. Osteopathy is more holistic however and focuses on the joints, the muscles, the nervous and digestive systems, how they align and work together to make the body function properly. The corrections and manipulations are gentle. There was an element of back cracking but this was reduced to two movements in order to release some congestion. I won’t bore you with what is wrong with me (basically everything) but I am positive that so much can be corrected.

It’s fascinating how the body works, how pain manifests itself and how this can be corrected. With a few gentle movements so much was achieved. I was warned that this could be painful later in the week and now, 24 hours later my ankle and in-step have been sore, my back and my neck too. Aching like I’ve worked out. It’s incredible. I want to be an osteopath now!

The last and perhaps one of the most important bits of advice I received from Laura was in relation to my breathing. 4-7-8: take a 4 second deep inhalation, trying to raise my abdomen mainly as opposed to my chest and holding this breath for 7 seconds before exhaling totally over an 8 second count. This helps the body to function correctly and helps to prevent the build-up of tension, especially in the upper body.

Treatments are conducted at 58 South Molton Street and at home by arrangement. Prices and treatments are available on