The Top 100 UK Baby Names of 2016

Pregnant and looking for inspiration on what to call your bundle of joy?

BabyCentre, the leading global parenting site, today announced the UK's top 100 boys' and girls' names of 2016.

Parents have been inspired by superheroes, celebrities (no surprise there) and space in the form of Star Wars.

Kara from Supergirl, Harley (and Quinn) from Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman's alter ego Diana (Prince) have all charged up the charts this year. Felicity (Smoak), from the smash hit comic book series Arrow, flies into the top 100 after a long absence and Thea (Queen) from the same series has also gone up thirteen places.

Names inspired by all things heavenly have been rocketing up the charts this year. Nova, Orion and Luna have all increased in popularity. Even the name Jupiter has been spotted in the far-flung reaches of the baby names universe!

This year, Rolling Stones rock 'n' roll legend Ronnie Woods called his twin girls Gracie and Alice and many other parents have followed suit, with both names rapidly gaining popularity in 2016. 

Jamie Oliver's unusual name choice for his new baby boy, River, saw a last minute surge in popularity, with more babies called River than ever before.

Victoria Beckham's uncanny ability to spot a trend, or start one, means that Harper is still a popular name choice and is one of this year's biggest risers, jumping an astonishing 31 places to sit at number 56. The Beckham's named their daughter after the author Harper Lee, who died earlier this year. Perhaps that news inspired other parents to honour the writer too?  

Coleen and Wayne Rooney's baby name choices are also proving popular, with Kai a new entry to the top 100, and twice as many babies called Kit and Klay compared to last year.

If you don’t want your child to be one of many when it comes to register time, you might want to avoid these names in currently flying high in the Top 10 UK Baby Names of 2016.

The top 10 girls' and boys' baby names of 2016  


Olivia (non -mover)               
Lily (+1 place)                   
Sophia (-1 place)                
Emily (non-mover)         
Amelia (non-mover)          
Ava (new entry +5 places)   
Isla (new entry +5 places)   
Isabella (+2 places)           
Isabelle (-2 places)   


Oliver (+1 place)
Muhammad (-1 place)
Noah (+1 place)
Harry (+2 places)
Jack (-2 places)
Charlie (+1 place)
Jacob (-2 places)
George (+4 places)
Ethan (-1 place)

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