The LEGO Batman Movie Books

LEGO fever has firmly taken hold of young hearts and minds capital wide with The LEGO Batman Movie flying into UK cinemas this Friday, just in time for half term.

But what are you going to do with the kids once the movie is over?

We’ve got a few LEGO-centric ideas to keep them busy:

The Making of The LEGO Batman Movie (published 10.02.17). Aimed at kids aged 12 and over, this new book from Dorling Kindersley takes you behind the scenes of the entire The LEGO Batman Movie in amazing detail.

Readers can explore each development stage of the movie, start at initial scripts, learn how the characters were developed and see how the landscape was built, brick by brick.

The book was created in full collaboration with the LEGO Group and Warner Bros and has exclusive insights from the filmmakers, animators, actors, cast and crew. A must have for older LEGO Batman fans.

The Making of The LEGO Batman Movie - £16.99 

Younger children will enjoy slightly easier to read LEGO Batman books:

The LEGO Batman Movie: Team Batman (for kids aged 4+) has limited vocabulary and repetition to engage younger readers and help build their literary skills. The book has great photos showing how Batman and Robin save Gotham City from the hands of The Joker.

The LEGO Batman Movie: Team Batman - £4.99

The LEGO Batman Movie: Rise of the Rogues (for kids age 5+) is suited to those who are beginning to read independently. The book follows Batman and Robin as they try to stop The Joker spreading havoc around Gotham. As readers become more confident and fluent with their reading, they’ll meet all the new characters from the movie.

The LEGO Batman Movie: Rise of the Rogues - £4.99