Besides styling the perfect selfie and trying to keep their parents off Snapchat, teenagers today have arguably more stress and anxiety to contend with than any previous generation.

Creating a cosy room for your teenager - however tiny and messy the room might be - can go a long way to helping them navigate this frantic time of their lives. 

Today's teenagers are design-conscious and pull interior references from a wide range of sources; online shopping means they can get their hands on pretty much anything they fancy.

We've put together some simple ideas - some of them investment pieces that they can keep for a long time - to help you design a space that your child will love and that you won't mind spending time in either. 


My sister-in-law Elizabeth recently redecorated my teenage nephew's bedroom and she said the biggest consideration was "storage, storage and more storage. Teenagers come with a lot of stuff".

Max out on storage with good, strong shelving that can be rearranged (and cleaned) easily. Shelving units are a great way to let your teenager express their interests and display their creativity. 

1) Shown in this image is the IKEA GALLO shelving system, which is now discontinued (boo!) but you get the idea! This EKBY/ALEX combo is brilliant for a teenage room - the kids can shove important papers in the drawers and hang headphone and cords around the brackets. 

Use clever storage accessories such as magazine files to ensure a clutter free shelf and invest in the MOPPE mini drawer unit to arrange stationery bits and bobs. 

2) I love using stacked cube shelving in kid's rooms, not least because the shapes created can be fun and organic and they can be stuffed to the gunnels with books and ornaments. 

This grey shelf from La Redoute is a modern shade that won't age too quickly. Check out other great shelf ideas at Design by Dreams.

Use stylish accessories like this pen holder from Happy Little Folk Shop to encourage a tidy room! 


As a creative teenager I loved having a noticeboard where I could display pictures that I'd ripped from glossy magazines (it's still so much more fun than Pinterest!).

Teenager's tastes change almost daily so give them a designated space to display what is inspiring them. 

1) This wire noticeboard is sold by Biletin Shop on Etsy, which has some great ideas for small space display boards. Vintage style binder clips from Spicks Picks

2) Washi tape is your secret weapon if you are worried about any damage to the bedroom walls. This tape is from Paperchase, and can be used to create frames like the room here belonging to designer Jess Brown. 

3) IKEA HEAT cork pot stands are fabulously versatile and can be arranged around your teenager's room to create mini mood boards. Encourage them with cool pushpins from the Dancing Octopus Shop

4) Dedicating a whole wall to a collage might look messy at first glance but in fact it could save the mess from spreading around the room! Use noticeboards or cork tiles if you are worried about the wall.

Leaning a panel of OSB or plywood against the wall are also worth considering instead of attaching pictures straight to the wall. 

5) For a sleeker display, consider pegboards. I trawled through lots of pegboards to share with you but this one from Clippings is my favourite because it's a well-made investment that will stand the test of time. 


Plants and greenery in a bedroom not only add soothing character but also much needed assistance to the air quality!

Choose plants that can survive low light, a lack of water and generally be neglected by your teen. Succulents, snake plants, philodendrons, monsteras and cacti are all good choices.

Go together to choose plants and your kids will feel more invested in looking after them. 

1) Use plants to add pops of colour to a modern, graphic room. I'm in love with this digital print "Freddie" wallpaper from Grafico  - maybe you could create a DIY version. 

Plants look great when they are dotted all around the bedroom - use hanging planters such as this triangle string planter from Urban Outfitters to keep surfaces clear of clutter. 

2) Devote a whole wall to plants! These pots are by Rhyno Clayworks on Etsy which I discovered via Apartment Therapy.

3) Plants and pots can make such great gifts, and This Way To The Circus make some of the best colourful pots that will surely encourage your kids to take care of their plants! 

4) For younger teenagers you might have to start small...Cacti in little pots from IKEA. 


Remember that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Jonah and Jessica are sat in the huge bubble chair listening to their Walkmans?

I became obsessed with having one of those cocoons in my own teenage room to retreat to at the end of the day, away from my irritating brothers! Hanging chairs, hammocks, swings, beanbags and huge floor cushions are all great alternatives.

These are my favorite discoveries...

1) This wicker chair from John Lewis is probably designed with garden use in mind, but drag it back into your teenagers room and keep them swinging happily for hours, without needing to attach anything from the ceiling. 

2) I've used these Piggy Bag beanbags from Made.com in spaces that need relaxed but durable seating. They are well made and come in loads of fun colours. Buy a few and chuck them around the room. 

3) Urban Outfitters has fabulous floor cushions which will add a relaxed, boho vibe to a teenager's room. 

4) If you can't get to Tulum anytime soon, recreate the holiday vibe with an indoor hammock. This black hammock with fringes fits the bill perfectly, from Mink Interiors.

5) Lazy Git sums it up really....check out their great footstools and beanbags and snag some comfy joggers while you're there.  

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