Tampon Delivery Service via Sanitary Owl

Never run out of pads, tampons or PMT-required chocolate again thanks to period-positive delivery service, Sanitary Owl.

Visit the site, choose which products and absorbencies you need and they’ll send it to you. Simple. It’s not all towels and tampons though; you can also add extras like underwear protecting panty liners, chocolate, heat pads and ibuprofen at 99p each. Once you've made your choices, Sanitary Owl will wing your box (£3.99 a month) through the post in time for your period, every month.

Brand wise you can choose between Tampax, Lil-Lets, Always and BodyForm as well as 100% organic products from Natracare, reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups.

Co- founder Celia Pool says: “As a woman and a mother, I found it extraordinary that in today's world of e-commerce I was still scuttling off to the shops every month to buy my tampons like a mug. I'm always on the lookout for things to make my life easier so I can concentrate on what really matters to me. To get that off my list for £3.99 a month is a no-brainer.”

If you’ve got a daughter approaching period age - the youngest I’ve heard of is 8 -
Sanitary Owl’s First Period Box (£24.99) contains all the advice, facts and products a girl needs for her introduction to the world of menstruation. Sanitary Owl wants to be a period-positive company which is why their packaging is brand neutral with affirmative language, avoiding words like "embarrassing", "scary" or "discreet".

Some men get freaked out buying pads and tampons and we’ve all had to send someone (partner, friend, parent) to the corner shop for an emergency stash. Those days can be a thing of the past when you know that Sanitary Owl is going to send you your goods each month. The arrival of the box can also be a helpful reminder that your period is due.

By sending boxes to customers, Sanitary Owl is able to provide free sanitary protection to homeless and vulnerable women around the UK. By 2017 they hope to do this for every vulnerable woman in London. Bravo!

Wanna give the service a try? Use the code NOBRAINER99 for your first 3 boxes at 99p each (tampons and/or pads only). What do you think of Sanitary Owl – would you use a service like this?