by Candice brathwaite

Tucked away in a hidden fold of SoHo, the aptly and amusingly named Ma Plucker is every chicken lovers dream.

Now admittedly I would push a chicken down a flight of stairs to get near to some fish but when The London Mother gave me the opportunity to review Ma’ Plucker, I pushed my pescetarian ways aside and approached with an open mind and an empty belly.

Quaint yet spacious all at once, the decor reminded me of something out of Austin Powers. The vintage nod to the 60’s added to its relaxed charm.

Taking our seats in the back near the kitchen, the scent of something incredible wafted up the stairs and from the look on my partner’s face I could tell that he was already sold.

With a self-explanatory yet jam-packed menu to choose from, it was really hard to decide what to order. But the waitress was both warm and welcoming, helping us navigate from the ‘Low and Slow’ pulled chicken to the buttermilk dipped fried version.

Papa B decided on a chipotle half chicken with a bun on the side. I took a chance on the buttermilk dipped and halloumi burger, with fries.

For the sides we opted for the highly praised ‘Crack and Cheese’ (Deep. Fried. Mac. And. Cheese, Ya’ll) and coleslaw. But what really impressed us was Ma’ Plucker’s attention to detail when it came to the kid.

The moment she walked in the door, nothing was too much. They serenaded her with crayons and the cutest chick shaped gift bag filled with things to keep her occupied.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we were told that kids ate for free!

By the time the food arrived, I was famished as I had decided to starve myself for this moment in time! Our table almost buckled at the weight of the food.

Normally the hardest to please, Papa B swears their coleslaw is the best in town and his eyes gleamed when he began to tuck into his chicken. I inhaled my burger so fast I almost forgot to note its taste!

But nothing could prepare me for the deliciousness that was the ‘crack and cheese’ which was superb in every way.

While the kid and I cleared our plates, Papa B was left struggling as per usual, his eyes were bigger than his belly. He popped out to get some fresh air and regain equilibrium.

And while he did that I was left with the task of picking our sweet treats. But once I spied the mini donuts drenched in caramel sauce, I knew he would want to give it a try.

I played it a little safer and went with the popcorn, toffee, cornflake sundae. I know, I know.

Now it was the kid’s turn to be excited. She leapt on the sundae like a moth to flame and enjoyed each sweet, crunchy scoop. And when I could get a spoon in, I found the entire experience to be magical.

Although Papa B was down for the count, he came back strong to finish those donuts, even if it resulted in a sugar coma.

Overall our time at Ma Plucker was one of our better experiences when it came to dining out this year. The food was great, the service was impeccable and when it comes to children, nothing is too much.

The next time you’re in central London and you feel the hunger pangs kicking in, get yourself down there, you won’t plucking regret it!

75 Beak Street
London W1F 9SS