Chicken Society is a new-ish restaurant focused on doing one thing well - spit roasted chicken and duck.

Chicken Society prefer to keep things uncomplicated - spit roasting a bird isn't exactly rocket science but they say they differ from the competition in that they have a single-minded approach and a real passion for roasting.  

They only use British red tractor certified chickens and ducks and marinade them for 24 hours in their special (secret) marinade before spit roasting them until they’re golden, juicy and lean.

The Chicken Society is small yet perfectly formed - they don't have a separate kids' menu but they have meals small (while not too spicy there is a definite spice) enough for children.

Their portions are generous - we love sweet potato fries but notice that almost all restaurants serve you meagre (and pricey) portions. Not so with Chicken Society - they are more than your regular french fries but you get just as many fries, if not more. It's the small things that count.

Between the four of us (2 adults, 2 children) we tried:


Nocellara Olives


  • Quarter roasted chicken in BBQ sauce

  • The Vegan Burger (no bun)

  • The Chicken Burger

  • A Pile of Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken (naked thighs)


  • Crinkle cut fries

  • Avocado & butter leaf salad

  • Chargrilled corn on the cob

  • Sweet potato fries (with smoked paprika and sea salt - delish)

The food is unpretentious and hearty – we barely had room for dessert. The kids soldiered through and one had a brownie with ice cream and the other an ice cream cone.

chicken society brownie.jpg

The staff is super friendly and very attentive to children. We noted locals popping in (always a good sign) and the place was pretty full for a 5 pm sitting on a Saturday evening. There were age ranges from babies (eating restaurant served steamed broccoli with grilled chicken and the odd French fry) to teenagers ignoring their parents and eating while on their phones.

Our (cute!) waiter came to the table with a pack of cards and wowed the kids (ok, and us) with some old school magic tricks. We stayed at our table for a while after we’d eaten (we were stuffed) but were never made to feel like our time was up and we needed to leave.

The seating was comfy, the toilets were clean (if they can’t keep the toilet clean, how clean is the kitchen?) and they serve alcohol should you need something a little stronger to ease you into the evening.

Chicken Society is perfect for good old-fashioned chicken (and new vegan/vegetarian offerings) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Chicken Society | 363 Regents Park Road | London | N3 1DH

*We ate as guests of Chicken Society*