Eating a dairy-free diet shouldn’t – and doesn’t – mean you and/or the kids exist solely on hemp and mung beans.

In moderation, treats are fab and we love to mix and match between home and shop bought.

If you are intolerant to lactose or dairy, you probably already know that Oreos don't contain any milk products but now, there’s a new, slimmer Oreo in town.

A playfully sophisticated addition, new Oreo Thins are a thinner and crispier version of the original and they work perfectly in this recipe as they add a hint of chocolate crunch and some sweetness to the otherwise plain tasting ‘ice cream’.

We prefer to use coconut yoghurt in our recipe, but you can use any milk (dairy free or not) or even coconut water for a more sorbet-like consistency.

You can hand the kids the ingredients and let them go to town making their own ice cream. Minimal parent effort required!

We put together a 2-minute video showing how easy it is to use Oreo Thins in a dairy-free ice cream recipe. The Oreo Thin elevates the dairy free yoghurt and adds a nice (but not overpowering) crispy, crunchy, chocolate flavour.




  • Add a teaspoon of dairy free spread to each mould. Make sure the majority rests directly at the bottom of the mould but don't be afraid to scrape some down the sides; this will coat the walls so you get a nice chocolate-y swirl on the exterior of your ice cream

  • Add one Oreo Thin to each mould

  • Slowly pour your yoghurt into each mould. Lightly bang your mould on the table to ensure it is filled properly before adding more yoghurt

  • When the mould is 3/4 full, add one crushed Oreo Thin and press down into the mould with a teaspoon. Top with a touch more yoghurt.

  • Add the popsicle handle and refrigerate overnight

  • Enjoy your dairy-free, Oreo Thin ice cream!

oreo thins dairy free ice cream.JPG

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*Brought to you in partnership with Oreo Thins*