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If you're pregnant or trying to be, consider investing in pieces that can double up as post-partum clothes.

These items are worth spending a little more on as they'll help you transition from pregnancy to after giving birth meaning you can wear them for longer leaving you with extra cash to spend on the things you want to - probably coffee (liquid gold) and yet more baby clothes.

Postpartum jeans

Black or dark blue maternity jeans are your flattering postpartum friends. Yes, the baby is no longer renting your womb, but 99.9% of us don’t snap back seven days after our due date.

Maternity/postpartum jeans can be adjusted at the waist and when in a darker colour, they help to mask any extra pounds in the hip and thigh.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a staple in any wardrobe, but especially when you are pregnant.

In the early months of pregnancy you can hide your burgeoning bump until you are ready to share your news with the world and after wearing the dress throughout your pregnancy, you can continue to wear it postpartum until your stomach has returned to something of a normal size. A maxi is also a fab postpartum dress for wedding parties.

statement jewellery

You probably already own statement jewellery but when you are carrying extra pounds – whether pre or post baby – a large, bright necklace helps divert the eye to your clavicle, a naturally slim part of the body, or to your new and improved cleavage!

Outfits in a solid colour

A solid colour helps streamline your body, unlike blocks of colour which break your body into chunks.

If you are feeling sensitive about your tummy, a shirt in darker colours like black, charcoal grey and navy absorb light so help make you look smaller. Make sure it’s has buttons (and invest in a few good nursing bras) to enable quick breastfeeding.

Accessorise with a scarf

Until your ‘mum tum’ has returned to some semblance of normality, loose fitting tops and a large scarf tied jauntily around the neck and allowed to hang down over the torso helps disguise a larger waist.

It can also be used to hide leaky boobs and breast milk stains!

A sharp Blazer

A statement jacket is always a good idea and the one you wore before pregnancy can often be worn during your pregnancy as long as it isn’t buttoned up.

After the baby, make the statement jacket the focus of your outfit, the more detail and embellishment the better.

Oversized Knitwear

A generous poncho style jumper looks great during pregnancy and afterwards, can be worn with jeans (as mentioned above) or a stretch jersey skirt.

Try to keep either the top or the bottom half of your outfit loose and flowing – not both – to keep structure to your body.


Loungewear was your go-to when pregnant and post pregnancy it still can be. It’s worth investing in quality loungewear, as let's be honest, you’re going to spend a lot of time wearing it, especially in the first few weeks post-partum.

Good quality jersey and cashmere can be thrown on in a hurry and should wash well, meaning it will stay looking new for longer. Loungewear is also a great option when considering what to wear after delivery or what to wear home from the hospital.

Comfortable footwear

Trainers have moved from the streets to the catwalk and lost their gym-only image.

Converse, Adidas Stan Smiths and Common Projects are comfortable for your swelling feet and look super cool when worn with everything from leggings to dresses.

Treat Yo’Self

Some days you will feel like the size of a small farm animal and it’s on those days you need to put on some red lipstick, visit a shop and buy something for yourself.

A great tote (if your budget allows, treat yourself to a designer one – on sale of course) can double as a baby bag but more importantly, can be carried when you leave the baby with a sitter, go out for a mani/pedi and remind yourself how fabulous you are.


Breastfeeding can hurt - your nipples may be raw and split.

You might think you can just get away with wearing normal bras, but after peeling the lacy, too-small cups from leaking bosoms and off pointy, damaged nipples, trying to jam the excess bra fabric away from your newborn’s bobbing little mouth, you’ll realise that it’s time for a proper bra.

We like Cake Maternity’s Truffles Moulded Cup Nursing Bra in black (there is nude and brown as well).

The bra is beautiful and reminds you of your old feminine, non-leaking, pre-baby self a little: lacy but supportive, with a plunge front and wide straps that don't dig in.

The best bit is the moulded 3/4 brushed cotton contour cup which provides a soft layer for ouchy nipples to sit against.

Feeding-wise, the bra has those handy clasps which unhook to free the breast at mealtimes which is, you know, practically an all day buffet for the little tyke.

There are matching briefs too, for when the disposable paper knickers have served their purpose.

Where’s your favourite postpartum clothing store?