Piccolo Plates Meal Delivery Service

Piccolo Plates is a children’s food delivery service started by mothers Eleanor Sampson and Arabella Arkwright (who also happens to be a nutritionist).

They create and deliver child friendly, healthy homemade dishes which can either be cooked and eaten instantly, or frozen for future eating. No more rushing in from work and having no idea what the children are going to have for dinner.

Each dish is £5 and can serve up to two children – reheating takes 10 – 15 minutes. All their food is free of sugar, salt, preservatives and additives. They currently offer six dishes:

  1. Fish pie
  2. Cottage pie
  3. Veggie Pie
  4. Lentil, pea and butternut squash stew
  5. Chicken and pesto meatballs
  6. Cod and Salmon goujons

We tried the Chicken and pesto meatballs and cod and salmon goujons. The goujons usually contain salmon, cod, egg, Parmesan and ground almond crumbs, but we asked for the Parmesan to be excluded as Kingston is dairy intolerant. Where possible, they try to tweak their recipes to account for allergies and intolerances.

Kids are the harshest critics of food (and everything else in life) and at first glance Kingston wasn’t happy his idea of fish fingers (bright orange sticks of who knows what) didn’t appear on the plate but I told him to try them before making judgement. He begrudgingly did (5 year olds are the worst) and devoured them all in about one minute!

Lily is much easier to feed (can and will eat everything – don’t know how she isn’t the size of a house) and happily ate all 4 of the chicken and pesto meatballs. There may or not have been some plate licking happening when they thought I wasn’t looking!

The portion sizes are more suited to younger children (or do my kids eat a lot?) and if my fusspot son eats it, you know it’s good! I recommend ordering a few dishes and storing them in the freezer for those evenings where you’ve no time, desire or energy to cook and the most you can do is to chuck something in the oven. Think of Piccolo Plates as guilt free takeaway for kids!

You can order online (delivery is free in London) at piccoloplates.com.

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