If you eat gluten, dairy and/or wheat free, grabbing a quick bite to eat when you’re out and about is nigh on impossible. Not any more! We have found the dream restaurant in Covent Garden.

Say hello to Farmstand.

Their food philosophy is simple:

  • they always use UK based suppliers to keep things as local as possible

  • all ingredients are seasonal, sustainable and ethically sourced

  • their chicken and beef are free range and naturally fed and their fish is sustainably and ethically sourced

  • all food is free from dairy, gluten and added sugar

  • the only sugar they add is to their sweet muffin, chocolate bars, hot chocolate and brownies

We came across Farmstand at the Trace Publicity press day and couldn’t believe our eyes and ears – a London based take away where we didn’t have to read the labels – we could eat and go. And did we! We ate almost everything they had to offer! #sorrynotsorry

Everything is delicious and nutritious so if you are in the Covent Garden area – and if you’re not, it’s worth making your way over – go to Farmstand and eat your heart out.

Farmstand Restaurant