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Do you wish your children were better brushers?

With tooth decay on the rise among kids in the UK and sugar saturating their diets like never before, it’s not surprising that lots of parents worry that their children aren’t brushing their teeth properly or enough.

Tooth-brushing can feel like a chore at the best of times which is where the #LoveToBrush campaign comes in.

Launched by Happy Kids Dental, a paediatric dentist in Marylebone, Love To Brush aims to re-engage children with the art of good tooth brushing.


By making it fun, by throwing down a challenge and by rewarding great brushers with great prizes.

How #LoveToBrush Works

If your child is aged between 0 and 18, follow @happykidsdental on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share a photo of the places they #LoveToBrush their teeth.

Let the kids use their imagination and rise to the challenge of brushing their teeth in the most unexpected places!

Every month the coolest brusher (as judged by a team at Happy Kids Dental) will win a full mouth oral health assessment at Happy Kids Dental (worth up to £190) and £150 of John Lewis vouchers!

Why Join In With #LoveToBrush?

Prizes aside, the Love To Brush campaign is a first step towards making some big changes in perceptions about oral health. Despite better awareness about dental health, over a third of children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay.

Baby teeth are crucial to helping children learn to eat and speak properly and provide the foundations of their facial features – so if milk teeth require extracting, it’s bad news on many levels.

#LoveToBrush aims to rebrand brushing as something that’s fun, social and incentivised and is kickstarting a fresh approach to oral hygiene that puts children on the path to a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

A Chance To Change The Future

The preventive message of #LoveToBrush is key to Happy Kids Dental’s philosophy, which is to make every child’s experience of the dentist fun and fear-free.

That ethos extends across the spectrum of dental care, from teeth-cleaning at home to routine check-ups and treatments – because if oral hygiene is fun while kids are growing up, it will become habitual in their adult life.

Good oral health isn’t just important for social and emotional reasons – it’s believed to lower your risk of chronic health conditions too.

If you want to give your kids a better future, tooth-brushing is a brilliant place to start and #LoveToBrush is the perfect opportunity!

You can join the #LoveToBrush conversation by sharing your pictures with @Happykidsdental on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.