How to Make Overnight Coffee

In October, we celebrated International Coffee Day with Thermos UK by getting to know all about overnight coffee at Timberyard. Didn’t even know overnight coffee was a thing!

In the name of journalistic research, we drank our weight in coffee at Timberyard Coffee House on Noel Street. Timberyard are known for their beautiful spaces and great coffee sourcing from the likes of local roasters Climpson and Sons in Hackney, East London.

Thermos had enlisted these coffee mavericks to help showcase their camping-come-festival and now catwalk ready flasks and travel mugs that will keep your dark liquids piping hot for up to 24 hours. The brand has been saving the bloggers, models and journalists who travel in and out of Manhattan for New York Fashion Week by keeping their liquid gold hot as they traipse from show to show in the bitter New York weather.

Head Barista Phil Groves had four types of coffee for us to sample from Ethiopia, El Salvador and Guatemala paired with brownies, polenta cake, blondies and almond nut butter. Amazingly, all four coffees were made and stored in Thermos flasks the night before! Despite this, they were very hot and most importantly had retained their clarity in smell and on the palette so you could clearly differentiate between each type.

The flasks we used were the larger travel type. The retro styling was cool and these larger flasks are able to keep liquids hot or cool for up to 24 hours. We also got to try the travel flasks which are able to retain thermal properties for up to five hours; way over the average daily commute. The smaller flasks have a holder for tea bags if coffee isn’t quite your thing.

I have to confess I felt rather jittery all day after drinking so much coffee but was seriously impressed that the Thermos flasks could keep hot drinks piping hot for 24 hours. My next move is to make my own overnight coffee and knock ten minutes off my morning routine. Or spend the ten minutes it takes to make said coffee snuggled up in bed!

Have you ever tried overnight coffee?