Lactose Free Breakfast Ideas

Whether it’s by necessity or choice, eating lactose free isn’t easy, especially when it comes to breakfast.

We were invited to a cooking master class with Michelin-starred Chef Tom Aikens who gave us some amazing lactose free breakfast ideas. 

The class was held at cooking school L’Atelier des Chefs in London and we were there as guests of Lactofree, providers of lactose – not dairy free – milk, cheese and the like. As I’m intolerant to dairy, I sent my other half Ryan along in my place. He writes:

It’s certainly not every day you get to sit at the feet of a Michelin starred Chef but that’s exactly what went down today at L’Atelier des Chefs in London. I whipped up a brunch storm with a little help from chef Tom Aikens and a lot of love from Lactofree.

They have come up with a genius way to extract the lactose from everyday dairy products we love. They do this by skimming cow’s milk and adding enzymes to help break down the lactose, the gloopy sugar, found in things like milk, cheese, yoghurt and cream. It’s this gloopy sugar that thousands of us find extremely difficult to digest.

The key thing about Lactofree is that it tastes exactly like dairy products, it looks like dairy products and it bakes like dairy products. There is no compromise on taste or quality. We put this theory to a baking test by watching Tom Aikens whisk, fold, stir and then bake some mouth-wateringly good poppy seed and raspberry muffins. The key Lactofree ingredients were lactose free butter and yoghurt. The results were perfect. A firm springy exterior with an unbelievably light and fluffy interior peppered with beautiful sharp, fresh raspberries throughout. A party in my mouth!

Next we got stuck in recreating Tom’s mushroom ragout on toast with chervil sorrel. The key ingredient here was Lactofree cream. The results were out of this world; quite possibly the nicest thing I’ve ever made! I had to have a sneaky sip of the Madeira wine. For medicinal purposes of course.

My next Lactofree adventure will be cheese on toast. A tad uneventful perhaps, but I believe in small beginnings and baby steps. Unless of course Tom is free one Saturday morning to pop over to SE London?