Going out is the new staying in so why not stay in - in style - and have a private chef cater your evening?

Your first thought might be ‘ooh that sounds pricey’ but a 3 course meal, with fresh, seasonal ingredients - chosen by chef, brought to your home by your chef, cooked by your chef, served by your chef and most importantly, cleaned up by your chef - isn’t as expensive as you think.

We’d been meaning to have a set of friends round for dinner for ages but work, kids and life kept pushing the date back.

Before we fell out of touch completely, we put La Belle Assiette to the test.

La Belle Assiette is an online private chef service who aim to make entertaining at home easier and more enjoyable.

Everything can be done online; simply choose your city, a date, a time, a menu and how much you want to spend per head. There are three tiers:

  • Temptation - £39 per guest

  • Prestige - £59 per guest

  • Signature - £89 per guest

And once you’ve chosen your number of guests (anything from two to 30) and your menu, relax in the knowledge that on the day (they do brunch, lunch and/or dinner), the chef will bring all the ingredients, prepare the meal in your kitchen (while you relax in another room with a glass of wine), serve each dish, and do the washing up before leaving. Yes, the chef even does the washing up!

The service is perfect for parents as you can have a restaurant style experience in your own dining room while your kids are asleep upstairs.

Who needs a babysitter? Did we mention they clean up afterwards?!

Allergens are not a problem; we had a gluten free, vegan at our dinner and unlike lots of restaurants, their meal was not a sad version of the standard fare; in fact, I’d say it was even better.

Loving care and attention was paid to each ingredient and each dish; the menu speaks for itself.

la belle assiette menu.png

We could talk about the delicious vegan wild mushroom risotto with vegan parmesan crisp, the sweet yet tangy pepper and tomato soup, the perfectly cooked pan seared chicken or the soft and delectable mousse au chocolat, but we think you’d rather see the pictures and judge for yourself.

So if you love the idea of fine dining but kids and life mean it doesn’t happen as often as you’d like, have La Belle Assiette over to cook (and clean) instead.