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The state of our children’s teeth is something of a ticking time bomb right now.

As parents, we’re regularly faced with news stories reporting on the shocking rise of tooth extractions for very small children – but we’re also battling the everyday realities of childcare. 

When it comes our beautiful, strong-willed, unpredictable, complicated little humans, simple messages about limiting sugar intake and getting them to brush properly can feel like rather a challenge.

Recognising the lack of realistic, empathetic advice out there, one London dentist is blazing a trail in raising awareness about oral hygiene for kids.

With its #LoveToBrush competition, Happy Kids Dental has come up with a way of incentivising kids to brush their teeth properly, with monthly prizes offering a free taste of their state-of-the-art private practice in Marylebone.

Want to be a winner this month?

If you want to discover just how different the Happy Kids Dental experience is, here’s how it works.

Simply take a photo or video of your child brushing their teeth and post it with the hashtag #Lovetobrush on social media.

Be creative (but stay safe!): every month, the most imaginative entry is awarded a free children’s oral health check, along with a high-tech AirFlow treatment* for the parent, worth £85!

The point of #LoveToBrush is to prove to kids that oral hygiene can be fun, and spread the word about the importance of early-years dental health – because more children than ever are having their decayed baby teeth pulled under general anaesthetic.

Join the #Lovetobrush conversation by following @happykidsdental on social media to help improve the state of our children’s teeth!

About Happy Kids Dental

Happy Kids Dental is one place where you won’t be met with raised eyebrows if you admit you’re struggling to stay on top of teeth-cleaning at home.

Run by dentists who are also parents, it has a dedicated in-house paediatric team offering tailored support for parents and children, including those who are anxious or have special needs.

And they treat parents, too, with a range of state-of-the-art cosmetic dental services.

The practice has been designed from the ground up with fear-free dentistry in mind, so children have the run of some amazing play areas, and surgeries are equipped with the latest dental technology, including a sedation suite.

If you’re interested in finding out more, call 020 7078 0822 or visit

*Available Tuesdays & Thursdays. T&Cs apply.