How to Use Aromatherapy Oil to Relieve Stress

Guest post by Joey of gigi loves blake.

The Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil looks very unassuming in its small, simple glass bottle, but just the words ‘Stress-Fix’ are enough to entice me.

By the end of the day I am shattered from juggling two small children and work and am ready to collapse into bed, but I sometimes find it difficult to shut down.  As a result, I am constantly on the look out for products that aid with relaxation, sleep and general ‘calmness’.

Aveda strives to use naturally derived and organic ingredients and has some serious green credentials, so you can feel rather smug about using their products. As soon as you open the bottle you can smell lavender, the aroma is potent but not overwhelming, and smells entirely natural.

So how can you use it?

The Stress-Fix oil is a multi-use product; a bath oil, body oil or scalp treatment oil. I used it in the bath and also as a body moisturiser. As I ran my bath, I used maybe a little more than the few drops recommended (but with the baby teething, I felt like I needed a bit extra ‘fixing’) and my bathroom began to smell like a luxury spa. I dimmed the lights and lit some candles. A few moments of breathing in the wonderful scent and I started to relax. Afterwards my skin felt soft and moisturised. That night I slept SO well.

For the next few days I used the oil on by body and I think because my skin is so dehydrated at the moment, due to the change in seasons I need a little more than a few drops, but I can imagine that a little of this product would go a long way, and now I look at the bottle I don’t seem to have used that much even though I felt like I was applying a lot. 

It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. For legs and feet in particular I think this is a great product, leaving them so soft.  I used the oil mainly at night as I found the scent really helped me feel calm and ready for bed, but it would be equally good after a shower in the morning to really hydrate the skin and smell gorgeous all day.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are feeling a little worn out, highly-strung or just want beautifully soft skin this definitely won’t disappoint. 

 Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil 50ml/£24.00:

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