How to Keep Kids Safe Online

We recently a day with the team at PlayStation - we had questions about age-appropriate gaming and how to keep kids safe online.

Needless to say, the man and boy couldn’t have been happier. Besides our wedding day and the birth of our kids (hopefully) spending an afternoon with the team at PlayStation was his idea of heaven.

But gaming can mean connecting with people on the Internet, which is why we had questions on how to keep kids safe on the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation took over a large space near Embankment and they created a relaxed and welcoming space for parents to ask any questions we had around the hardware, software or gaming in general.

The food was amazing and we had laughs (so many laughs) with gaming expert and Scummy Mummies host Ellie Gibson. 

I had a chat with one of the many PlayStation experts present on how to keep kids safe on the PlayStation 4. Watch our interview below: 

PlayStation used Ellie’s expertise to discuss the parental guidelines with parents at the event. We talked about online safety, how parents can control what kids are doing online and that there is more to gaming than wholly inappropriate for kids, Grand Theft Auto (always shocked at how many kids play that).

While gaming can be all fun and games (pardon the pun) anything that gets the kids online comes with its own set of dangers. Thankfully there are proactive steps parents can take to help keep their kids safe, whatever the console in question. Find out more at

If you have a console at home, how do you make sure your kids are protected?