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By Megan Taylor

During pregnancy your hormones will be all over the place which means your skin may not know what to do with itself.

Don’t be disheartened, this is a good sign as it means your body is just levelling itself out to take control of your pregnancy (even if your unstable hormones resemble how they were back in your teens, causing you spottiness).

Here are some top tips to help prevent, cure and in general, avoid problematic skin before, during and after pregnancy.


Keep your oestrogen levels up with a regular intake of soy. Edamame beans are a nutritious and easy way to up your intake.

Have a bag of frozen soy beans in your freezer and add them to salads and stir fries.

It can be easier said than done, but try to reduce your alcohol intake. If you are a social bunny then start by making sure you have more days without than with alcohol each week.

Alcohol is full of sugar and has very close links with spots. The least sugary drinks to chose would be vodka or gin, yet, it is what you mix your alcohol with that is full of sugar.

Avoid tonic water and opt for soda water. 

There are lots of new alcohol free mocktails and wine/spirit type drinks. We like Seedlip and Teetotal G'n'T.

Make up wipes
Ban those make up wipes. Make up removers in the form of wipes are great for ease and speediness but are causing you more harm than good.

Wipes spread make up around your face but don’t actually remove all of the dirt and your day’s make up. Stick to using wipes only in emergency situations.

Try to use an eye make remover and a simple cleanser to take off your make up each night.


During your pregnancy you are likely to have to succumb to any strange cravings but try your absolute hardest to find some healthy sugar-free sweet treat alternatives.

A very common reason why people get spots is because of their sugar intake. Now that you are pregnant you are most likely to be completely alcohol free so you can very easily tick this off your list.


Essential Oils
If you were victim to a spotty pregnancy then you now want to try your hardest to either get rid of them or cure any red marks from scarring.

Try using natural or organic essential oil beauty products such as Angelico’s oily skin serum. This serum is filled with jojoba and mandarin which both help to heal your skin.

Other ingredients are lavender and grapefruit oil which are great to sooth your skin and help reduce any inflammation.

Try a drop of neat tea tree essential oil each night directly on each of your spots to help zap them whilst you sleep.

What have you found useful in dealing with pregnancy acne?