Now Lily is almost at the end of Year 6 (when did that happen?) she’s decided she wants a packed lunch.

I thought it a little weird that she suddenly wanted to switch from school dinners but it turns out those eating a packed lunch get to go to lunch first. Apparently by 12:30 she’s starving and doesn’t want to wait the extra ten minutes to eat a hot school dinner.

Most of her decisions are based around food (thank goodness she has long hollow legs), a girl after my own heart! 

So I’m back to making sandwiches every morning and trying to create a balanced packed lunch.

According to nutritionist Michelle Butler, the perfectly balanced lunch box should contain fluids, a portion of fruit and vegetable, protein, carbohydrate and – most importantly to your child – a treat.

Lily has quite the refined palate so her lunchbox usually contains a smoked salmon and lettuce sandwich on wholemeal bread, chopped mango/kiwi/nectarine, a bottle of water (I get these from Costco, way cheaper than the supermarket) and some kind of treat. This usually means a bag of sweet and salty popcorn or a packet of crisps. As her tastes fluctuate with every change of the wind, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

Good4U sent over two flavours – Banana & Cocoa and Strawberry & Vanilla – of their new Super Bites for Kids. The little sachets are small enough for the packed lunch box, have 50% less sugar than competing brands, contain energy boosting chia and sunflower seeds and are a source of calcium and fibre. They have no nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, added sugar or syrups.

Most importantly, she actually likes them! All the goodness in the world is useless if you can’t get the kids to actually eat it!  If your kids are anything like mine, hunger strikes at the most inopportune time and as they seem to think I’m a walking supermarket, I have a couple of sachets thrown in my handbag for tummy rumbling emergencies.

Super Bites Kids range is available from Asda stores across the UK and online from 60p per sachet.

What’s your idea of a balanced and healthy packed lunch?

*Brought to you in association with Good Bites*