Freezer Meals For Kids

if you've rushed in from work and are scrambling around looking for something to feed the kids, make a quick pit stop in the freezer aisle the next time you are in sainsbury's.

kiddyum is a new range of freezer meals for children aged on to four. stock up during your next shopping trip and the days of having no idea what to give the kids for dinner will be over!

We went along to the launch at Sainsbury’s head office in London and met the lovely founder, Jayne Hayes. Her passion for good food for kids is contagious!

A first for the frozen aisle, the mini meals contain only natural ingredients, with no added sugar or preservatives, low salt and are also free from GM ingredients, artificial colours and flavours. All are made in the UK, using only sustainable fish, and British meat and dairy.

Created by mum-of-two Jayne Hynes, the recipes have been designed to help little taste buds enjoy more complex flavours. The packaging promotes independent eating – as in right out of the tray – and is 99% recyclable.

The range contains five flavours: Cheesy Peasy Pasta, Macaroni Bolognese, Cottage Pie, Fish & Veg Pie and Chicken Curry. The only flavour without dairy and gluten (although not labelled gluten free) is Chicken Curry which we all ate. In fact, Lily ate two! You can absolutely tell the difference between your standard jar food – even the organic ones – and Kiddyum. The flavours taste fresh and true, especially the chunks of meat.

Although Kiddyum is targeted at toddlers and children aged one to four, older kids can definitely eat them. Probably not enough for a main meal for a 9 year old but certainly great as an after school snack or a pre-bedtime meal for your growing and extra hungry pre-teen. In a push, my oldest is happy to have two as a main meal with a side of veg thrown in to help bulk things up.

In the biggest British launch of a frozen meal brand for children, Kiddyum is available now in the freezer section of more than 320 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide and online at Each meal has an RRP of £2.20.

Are you a fan of freezer meals for kids or do you prefer to cook fresh every night?