Fancy a Free (Yes, Really) Meal at a London Pop-Up Restaurant?

It's not every day you're offered a completely free meal at a restaurant in London!

What’s the catch you ask? You must be willing to be filmed while you dine.

A (currently secret) restaurant in London, Islington has been specially created as part of a brand new documentary all about food culture and pop-up dining. From Thursday 2 March up to and including Saturday 4 March, three top chefs will take it in turns to create new and innovative dishes from around the world.

Diners will receive a *FREE* meal at the restaurant and they will be filmed enjoying their meal and possibly asked a few food-related questions on camera.

The sittings available are as follows:

  • Thursday 2nd March - from 1800
  • Friday 3rd March from 1800
  • Saturday 4th March - from 1200 (sitting reserved for families - minimum age of kids accepted is 6)

Anyone is welcome to dine at the Thursday and Friday dinner sittings as long as they are in groups of two or more. No solo dining slots are available. The Saturday lunch sitting is reserved for families with children aged 6 and over.

Once you have signed up, you will be sent filming release and allergy forms - each diner must complete and email these back in advance of your visit or you won't be able to dine at the restaurant. 

The exact location of the pop up restaurant will be released a few days before the first sitting.

Families must register by email at

Everyone else, register your interest here.

See you there!