In late 2015, Apple gave us iOS 9 and over 180 new emojis.

They also gave us Apple News on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which collects all the news you want, right where you want it.

With Apple News you can curate what you’re interested in so you only see articles from publishers that give you what you need.

The app has changed the way we read news online and if you want to keep up with things to do, see and eat in London when you have children in tow, it’s worth adding The London Mother to your Favourites.

To add The London Mother to your Favourites in Apple News, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Apple News

  2. Tap Search

  3. Enter The London Mother

  4. Locate The London Mother in the list of search results

  5. Tap the plus symbol next to The London Mother.

Stories from The London Mother will now appear when you open the app. It's that simple!

You'll then be able to keep up to date with all things London, lifestyle and parenting in one place as soon as they’re published, and after you pick a few publications you like to read, the app starts to recognise what sort of stories you like and will offer you a homepage only filled with the things you're interested in.

Using Apple News is a great way to prevent you getting lured into click bait type articles (we’re looking at you Buzzfeed) or from reading depressing news that makes you want to weep into your coffee. 

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