Shirley B Eniang

Shirley B Eniang

Time is precious in the morning; getting yourself and the kids up and dressed doesn't often leave much time for breakfast let alone a full face of make up.

Watch the videos below and learn from the experts how you too can perfect the elusive five-minute face.

e've made sure to include videos suitable for all skin types, colours and ages - we don't subscribe to the one size fits all face of beauty.

What Lisa Eldridge doesn’t know about make up isn’t worth knowing – her five minute video tutorial will take you from feeling drab to looking fab in the time it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee.

If you’re heading to work or want a more put together and polished look, you might think five minutes isn’t enough time. Think again! Jaleesa Moses shows us that it can be done.

Practice makes perfect and Aja Deng suggests forgoing the red lip for a more low key Cali vibe. Cover dark circles and blemishes with concealer but leave the highlight/contour for another day. 

Type ‘no makeup makeup’ into You Tube and you’ll be faced with thousands of tutorials. Londoner Em of vlog My Pale Skin has specific tips for acne sufferers.

Olive skin tones will love Jessica Alba's suggestions - and yes, she does an entire look in five minutes. She has great skin too which no doubt helps!

The more mature your skin the more thoughtful you should be with products. It’s possible to look polished in only a few steps!

A great way to save time in the morning is to have yours (and the kids’) outfits planned. The same rule applies to makeup – lay all the products you’ll need out on your dresser so it’s all to hand and you’ll be school gate ready in less than five mins.

Shirley and Keziah Beniang challenged each other to do their make up in five minutes. The results are hilarious and great for those with darker skin tones.

What's your favourite make up or skincare product for feeling fab in five minutes or less? Shop some of the products used below: