If you or the children have any type of dietary restriction, you know that eating out can be a huge pain.

Thankfully, London is catching up with New York and Los Angeles and slowly but surely, those with various dietary needs are being catered for.

My latest excursion was to Ethos Restaurant, just around the corner from Oxford Circus tube, on Eastcastle Street.

All their food is meat free and each dish (they offer hot and cold food) is clearly labelled so you know if it is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and/or nut free.

You serve yourself buffet style and pay on a weight basis (plate not included). I’d say an average lunch would cost you between £10 and £20 depending on how hungry you are! I served up quite a full plate – I had missed breakfast – and it came to £18 and I was stuffed by the end of it!

The food is freshly made each day and bursting with flavour, I tested a little bit of everything that was vegan and gluten free including a zesty quinoa and avocado salad, a delicious massaged kale salad with kumquats, spicy chickpea and coconut curry, Hungarian style stuffed peppers plus a side serving of guacamole and hummus.

My lunch date wasn’t too keen on eating at a vegetarian restaurant but she too was in love with the food and stuffed to the gills at the end. If you can fit anymore in (and in the name of journalistic research I did) they have a full selection of desserts and hot drinks.

If you’re a vegan, vegetarian or have any kind of dietary restriction, add Ethos to the list of restaurants you can eat at without worry. It’s perfectly situated in the centre of London and open from 8 am – 10 pm Monday to Friday, 11:30 am – 10pm on Saturday and from 10 am – 4pm on Sundays. You don’t need a reservation unless you’re in a group of six or more.

Click here to complete a short survey for Ethos and they’ll give you a handy 15% off your bill.

48 Eastcastle Street