The Easy Way to Fulfil Your Prescriptions Online

If you or the children are on long-term medication, you know the hassle that is making sure you don't run out of medication.

Did you know that 29% of people on long-term medication have missed taking their meds because they didn’t have time to get to a pharmacy?

prescriptions online.jpeg

You can make that a thing of the past by fulfilling your prescriptions online.

If you or the kids fill out prescriptions on a regular basis (i.e. asthma pumps, the contraceptive pill) you can now hand that service over to Lloyds Pharmacy and have your meds delivered for free to your door.

The Lloyds Pharmacy Prescription Delivery Service means the time-poor among us no longer have to visit the GP practice or pharmacy to pick up repeat prescriptions thereby avoiding a lollipop stand off between you and your mini at the cash desk!

Lloyds Pharmacy can safely manage your prescriptions online and deliver those medicines to a chosen address (work or home), for free – in England only. The service is available for those that get their medications for free (kids, pregnant, on benefits etc.) as well as those that have to pay for NHS repeat prescription medicines.

Lloyds will send you handy free reminders via email, text or over the phone when prescriptions are due to be reordered, so you can be confident your stocks won’t run low.

Pretty much everything can be ordered online now – clothes, food, furniture – so it seems right that medicines join the list.