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Are you among the 90% of adults that uses digital devices for more than two hours a day?

You know that feeling of tired, dry, strained and/or sore eyes you get after looking at a (computer/phone/tablet) screen?

That right there is digital eye strain.

Using digital devices is an integral part of life – we check email, scroll through Instagram, use a computer at work, text friends for dinner/weekend plans but regular switching from on-screen to off-screen all day can overwork our eyes which can lead to them feeling strained and tired.

As much as we may say we’re going on a digital detox, they never tend to last and the digital eye strain returns.

five simple things you can do to reduce digital eye fatigue:

1. Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 minutes away for at least 20 seconds. Set an alarm on your phone (yes, another screen) and take 20 seconds to look at something at the other end of the room for 20 seconds.

That’s 1 minute every hour, and yes you can spare the time.

2. If your eyes feel worse when you’re looking at a computer screen, make an appointment at your optician to see if you need corrective lenses.

3. Look into (pun intended) eye-gonomics. Is your chair, screen, desk at the right angles/distance?

4. Blink! Simple but effective - try and blink more often.

5. Try contact lenses especially designed for digital life. Cooper Vision has developed Biofinity Energys with two features that help combat digital eye strain:

  • Digital Zone Optics – lens design that helps you see clearly and go from on to off screen with less effort

  • Aquaform Technology – locks moisture in the lens and keeps it soft for a more comfortable experience. The natural wettability can help your eyes feel less dry, even when you’re looking at a digital screen and blinking less.

digital eye strain Biofinity Energys contact lenses

We went from regular glasses wearers to Biofinity Energys monthly lens users and rejoiced at the forgotten freedom these lenses bring and with none of the usual associated dryness.

Find out more about digital eye strain and where you can find Biofinity Energys contact lenses below.