Diary Doll Knickers

We were shocked to read about the resistance TV presenter Carol Smillie and former British Number One tennis player Annabel Croft have had surrounding their brilliant period-friendly product, Dairy Doll.

Diary Doll is a range of protective underwear with a concealed waterproof layer which offers extra protection and peace of mind during periods, post maternity or for those with pelvic floor issues.

Carol said: “Sales have really taken off, over 35,000 in fact, but not without a little resistance. We underestimated the level of taboo that still surrounds this whole topic. The launch into Boots is a huge deal for us – it’s a big step towards getting this sensitive but very common problem out in the open and getting more people talking about it.”

Over half the population has, or is going to have, a period so let’s not shy away from the subject. And don’t get me started on those weird sanitary protection adverts and their ‘blue’ blood!

Let’s be real, periods are a pain in more than one sense of the word – I’m sure none of us wear white skirts/trousers during that time of the month – and I for one can empathise with Kate Winslet on the Graham Norton show when she openly admitted “by third sneeze, it’s game over.”

Carol and Annabel originally developed Diary Doll pants for young women/teens who might be worried about heavy periods whilst at school, playing sport or on sleepovers. They’re great for this as well as for stress incontinence – which an estimated 1 in 3 women suffer with – or during pregnancy when your bladder is at the mercy of your unborn baby’s bobbing head.

Diary Doll pants don’t look any different from your usual knickers, they’re soft, comfortable and machine washable and the waterproof layer is discreet so it won’t be seen under even the most form fitting clothes. The pants are available in black, white, pink and blue online and in over 100 Boots stores across the UK. You can also get them on QVC, and in pharmacies across the world.

Diary Doll Pants – £14.95
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