Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation have teamed up to show that cooking can be fun, quick and good for all the family. 

A Hotpoint Teaching Kitchen will be at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace until Friday June 16 and you can book a class for yourself - or bring the kids with you  - to learn the skills needed to cook from scratch while sharing some of Jamie’s recipes for quick, healthy, tasty meals.

We went along to a preview class and the folks from Jamie's Ministry of Food are totally non-judgy and even the most novice cook will come away armed with a bunch of useful skills.

Research from Jamie’s Ministry of Food reveals almost 1 in 5 UK adults rely on a diet of takeaways and convenience food due to lack of knowledge in the kitchen; with 1 in 10 admitting they never cook from scratch.

7 in 10 think the rise of takeaways and convenience foods means cooking knowledge is no longer as important as it once was, over half of Brits blame the decline on a lack of cooking lessons in schools - remember the days of Home Economics class?

It appears that lots of us are stumped when it comes to whipping up a meal; shockingly, 1 in 5 can’t boil an egg, more than a quarter struggle to cook rice and almost a third say they are unable to cut an onion correctly. Is there a wrong way to cut an onion?

What’s your cooking level like? Are you comfortable making the following?

Top 20 skills Brits feel the least confident about attempting:

  1. Making falafels

  2. Making ice cream

  3. Making a guacamole/salsa

  4. Making pizza dough

  5. Making a curry paste

  6. Making a homemade dip

  7. Making bread

  8. Cooking pulses correctly

  9. Making dough

  10. Making a marinade

  11. Making pastry

  12. Making a salad dressing

  13. Making a tomato sauce

  14. Making meatballs from scratch

  15. Making a white sauce

  16. Making a batter from scratch

  17. Baking a sponge cake

  18. Making gravy from scratch

  19. Making a cheese sauce

  20. Making a soup

As we’ve previously said, 29% of parents say they don’t prepare home-cooked meals for their children on a regular basis – blaming a combination of lack of time, lack of confidence and recipes being too difficult or complex.

Teachers from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation will run daily classes from the truck, using Hotpoint cooking appliances and working with local community partners in each location.

The truck will be in each community for a week, and will be open to adults and children who are a minimum of 7 years old.

There will also be family classes, to encourage parents to cook with their children. Hotpoint and Jamie’s staff will train members of local communities in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food programme, to ensure the initiative leaves a legacy.

The Hotpoint Teaching Kitchen will offer free cooking lessons to thousands of families in six locations across the UK; South London, Bristol, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Liverpool.

Would you like the truck’s final resting place to be your town?

The final truck location will be won by a UK town from entries submitted using #cookforchange on social media.

Entrants are encouraged to nominate a local community group to win a visit, such as a local school, community centre, scouts group or even your neighbours.