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With its theme-park atmosphere, Marylebone’s latest opening – Happy Kids Dental – is putting children’s dentistry on the map.

Founder Dr Roksalana Mykhalus explains:

As both a mother and a dentist, I’m acutely aware that taking your kids for dental check-ups, and encouraging a great cleaning regime at home isn’t always a walk in the park.

But what if their dental surgery were somewhere they actually wanted to hang out?

Happy Kids Dental is just that place – a destination dentist designed to appeal to children from 0 to 18 years old.

Growing up, I never had access to good dental care, so when I qualified as a dentist, I was determined to make a difference. Raising my family in the USA, I was able to find excellent and child-friendly paediatric dental care relatively easily.

Then we moved to London and I simply couldn’t find the same combination of specialist dentistry in a fun environment my son had grown up with.

So I set up Happy Kids Dental - an exciting, entertaining environment in which children can access world-class dental care – and grow up with a positive approach to oral health that will stay with them for life.

What makes Happy Kids Dental so special?

We’re fun. You won’t hear harassed parents telling their children to ‘shhh!’ at Happy Kids Dental.

Our colourful waiting areas are divided into age-appropriate zones, with a toy-filled toddler room, games consoles and TVs for older children and a separate, quieter space with free Wi-Fi for teens to hang out.

With children’s entertainers adding to the party atmosphere, this is a place kids will be desperate to come back to. And when they’re all grown up, they’ll have a remarkably different view of the dentist than most adults do now.

We’re exclusively for kids. Happy Kids Dental is run by a team of specialists and dentists with an interest in paediatric dentistry.

In bringing an exceptional level of paediatric experience under one roof, Happy Kids Dental ensures your child gets the highest standard of care, from tooth brushing to oral surgery.

We’re high-tech. From The Wand painless computer anaesthesia to dental lasers and microscopes, Happy Kids Dental invests in the latest technologies to make dental care pain-free and super-efficient.

We also have a full operating theatre on-site, so any procedures requiring sedation can be done in-house.

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We’ve abolished the fear factor. In addition to welcoming waiting areas and pain-free dentistry, our 15 surgeries are kitted out with TVs above the dental chair, so children can relax watching their favourite show during treatment.

We’re parent-friendly. Happy Kids Dental fits into busy family lives, with flexible appointment times, seven days a week, and bespoke ‘Happy Smile Plans’ that predict and chart development milestones.

And on those days when we’re just another stop on your stressful schedule, our free Wi-Fi and refreshments take the edge off and give you a moment of calm.

Why not come and see for yourself – we’d be delighted to give your and your kids a personal tour. We’re confident you’ll be amazed at the difference we’re making.

Happy Kids Dental | 74-78 Seymour Place | Marylebone | London W1H 2EH

Dr Roksolana Mykhalus is the Director of Happy Kids Dental in London, Marylebone.