By Elsie Boat

When you think about the amount of time you spend on your phone, wouldn’t it be nice if those hours weren’t wasted but could actually be used to make you some money?

With that in mind, just what are the best money-making apps?

I must admit I have always looked at apps that claim to pay its users with a healthy dose of suspicion and often wondered if there’s an app out there that actually makes enough money to make it worthwhile. Let’s find out.

As I started going through Google/the App Store on my phone, it became quickly apparent that there are lot of apps out there claiming to make users money. They are either task based or involve selling/e-commerce, so it’s important to take your time when going down this road as it's easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But with time, there were a few that stood out. If want to make some money on the side or have some baby/kids wares to get rid of, try these:


It didn’t take long for me to find this app. It’s pretty popular but getting access can be a little difficult as you need an invite to download it.

roamler app.jpg

It’s a task based app that pays between £2 - £6 each task. The tasks could be anything from taking photos to reporting on stock available on supermarket shelves.


This app is perfect for shopaholics. Android users can download Shopprize to scan shopping receipts and win points. The points add up and allow you to earn entries into daily sweepstakes and giveaways. Or save them and exchange them for Amazon vouchers.


Job Spotter

You’ll love this app if you’re a budding photographer. Job Spotter pays users to take photos of job adverts in windows and submit them to the app's creators, online job board Indeed.

Snappers are rewarded with between five and 150 points per advert, depending on its originality. This is then calculated into points by the app and once points are accumulated, they can be exchanged for cash via Paypal or for vouchers.


Toluna is for people who love to take surveys and answer questions. A typical survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete earning users anywhere between 15 to 2000+ points which can be exchanged for vouchers or cashed out via Paypal.

toluna app.jpg


Think of this mobile marketplace as part eBay, part Instagram. Users just have to snap pictures of items they want to sell, set a price and watch the bids roll in. Users with a huge following tend to sell more and have the potential to make real money.



Like Depop, this app also allows users to list items they want to sell. While Depop tends to be for general items, Mercari is more fashion focused. It’s a treasure trove of beloved, new-to-me thrift items, including handbags, shoes, boots and jackets.

Mercari is fairly new to the UK but has been downloaded over 60 million times around the world. All users have to do is simply upload one – four photos of items they want to sell, write a title, short description, fill in a few categories, select a price and the hard work is done.

mercari app 2.jpg

Once an item sells, you have three days to ship the item. Once the buyer receives their item, they will let Mercari know that it has arrived safely and Mercari will release the funds. 


Shpock Is another popular app that has a massive following thanks to its money making potential.

Shpock, short for SHop in your POCKet, is an online car boot sale app available on iOS and Android that allows users to sell items locally. This eliminates postage costs making it a cheap alternative to selling with eBay. Users can list items for free and there are no transaction fees. The app only charges for extra features that help to promote an item.


While all the above apps do make users money one way or the other, selling or market platform apps give users more control and have a slight advantage when it comes to real moneymaking potential. Task making apps require a lot of patience before the money starts rolling in, while e-commerce ones make money more quickly.

While there certainly is potential to make money with apps, my advice is: don’t give up the day job just yet.

Have you found any good money making apps?