(c) Jeff Sheldon

By Elsie Boat

As 2018 begins, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how to kit out the kitchen or what to add to make one of your most-used rooms in the house even better.

Every year there are new kitchen gadgets introduced which make food prep and cooking easier and more enjoyable.

And it’s always a bonus when such gadgets are cool so I’ve been looking around for the kitchen utensils with the potential to be big in 2018.

The DrinkPure HOME Faucet Water Filter

Like most people, I spend time each week hauling bottled water from the supermarket, and that’s not a task I enjoy.

I have always lamented on why on earth I can’t just drink water from the tap but water from my kitchen taps are too hard and may contain bacteria, so imagine my excitement when I came across this DrinkPure HOME Faucet Water Filter.

It fits onto any regular kitchen faucet to purify the water. So no unwanted particles and pesticides, and each filter lasts for 130 gallons, which is about 2 months of use.

This has the potential to be the must have gadget of 2018, think about it – no more carrying water from the supermarket and we get to save the environment from more plastic. It’s a win – win if you ask me.

DrinkPure HOME Faucet Water Filter.jpg

Lekue Silicone Bagel Mold

For someone who lives on bagels, I’m very excited about this gadget. The Lekue Silicone Bagel Mold allows you to make bagels at home. It comes as a set of six in the perfect shape of bagels. All you have to do is place the mold upright and push a roll of dough over the top, and put it in the oven or boil.

This is definitely a must have gadget if you love bagels or enjoy baking. It’s easy to use and because of the shape of the mold, the dough rises evenly on all sides so you get perfect bagels every time. It’s also easy to clean, just pop into a dishwasher.

ChocolateConstruction 3D Chocolate Dinosaur Mold

This gadget is so cool and perfect if you have kids, although as an adult, I like it too.

I have of course heard of 3D printing in the food industry but it’s always been available to high end Michelin star restaurants as the equipment is so expensive which is why I’m so excited to see this 3D Chocolate Dinosaur Mold. It means 3D is finally trickling down to the average person.

This 3D Chocolate Dinosaur Mold allows you to build your very own dinosaur out of chocolate. It may even get the kids involved in cooking.  Simply use the numbers on the mold to put the pieces together, then pour melted chocolate into the mold. Let it cool for five minutes, then begin to excavate.

Fondoodler Hot Cheese Gun

Another gadget that will be great for the kitchen, not just because it’s very useful, but also because, it’s cool and fun to use is this Fondoodler Hot Cheese Gun.


It works the same way as a glue gun, only this time it’s cheese. It can do simple things like help you top up canapes and other entrees with cheese or use it to create something intricate. It really depends on how creative you are.

OXO Fat Separator Jug

Another gadget that I think is worth mentioning is this OXO Fat Separator Jug. Granted, it may not be as cool or sexy as other kitchen gadgets but it’s really useful. It allows you to make the most of rich roasting pan juices, while separating off the fat to make it much healthier and tastier.

Simply pour hot roasting pan juices into the jug and the strainer shield lid will catch any bits of food. The fat will separate and rise to the top then – and here’s the clever part – a squeeze of the trigger handle will dispense all the good stuff from the bottom of the jug into a pan below, leaving any fat behind with no drips once the valve is closed. How clever is that?

OXO Fat Separator Jug.jpg

So there you have it, my five kitchen gadgets to watch out for in 2018. They tick all my boxes as a foodie; one - they are cool, two- they make food prep easy, and three – they are useful and make a functional contribution to the kitchen.

What new kitchen tool are you looking forward to trying this year?